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Kangaroo Style in My #Wrapy

I just absolutely love switching out my baby carriers regularly. I own quite a few different styles. One of my favorite ways of wearing my baby is in my new Wrapy carrier. It is a wrap style carrier. It is a very long piece of fabric, with no buckles or straps to adjust. Some people love this style especially because of that. Once you learn how to wrap, it's easy and quick. If you need help, this one does come with an instruction manual, but you could watch a billion tutorials on YouTube as well.  I own one other wrap carrier that is similar to this one, but the Wrapy fabric is a bit more flexible.  It's somewhat stretchy, which is nice. It's thick, but thin enough to wear any time of the year if I want. It can be used for a newborn baby to 35 pounds. My baby is nearing 11 months and only weighs a little over 17 pounds. If you have never read my posts before, it's because she was a preemie. She's a tiny, but very healthy little thing. She has some ways t

These Are The Cutest Bandana Bibs from #PashoshiBaby

Oh my, are babies messy!  My daughter is a tiny little thing who will devour her entire tray of food. The evidence is usually left on her face, chair and clothing. I have a billion bibs, but she knows how to remove most of those too. The velcro on some of them is just so easy for her to pull apart.  The bibs that I got from Pahoshi Baby are a bit harder to remove and she actually doesn't seem to mind them as much. I think it's because they are a bit more fitted and don't drape down and get in the way of her food like most of her other bibs do.  The other thing---they are super cute for both boys and girls.  They have little snaps on the back that you can adjust to size and the bib does resemble more of a bandana than a bib.  The set that I received came with four bandana bibs with different colors and designs, a pacifier/toy clip, and a bottle/sippy cup arm strap. I really like the entire set. She can look fashionable with these bibs. They look ado

Forget the Pasta, I'm All About Zoodles These Days

Going mostly raw vegan has opened my mind up to so many different kinds of recipe ideas.  Plain, boring veggies and fruits can be turned into edible works of art. They can be sliced, julienned, chopped, peeled, and spiralized. The latter is what I'm specifically focusing on in this post. I mentioned before that I had tried spiralizing from time to time, but now I do it practically everyday.  The newest one that I have is a vertical standing one from Brieftons. It is a bit more ergonomic. The handle is on top as opposed to on the side, like many other brands. There are suction cups on the bottom to hold it down in place on your counter. This keeps the spiralizer very steady while you are turning its crank.  The part that you wedge your fruit or veggie underneath looks like a meat tenderizer. There is a knob on the side that you need to pull outward and twist to the number setting of your choice. There are four different blades to choose from. The pict

What does your house smell like? #RenuzitSensitiveScents #ScentedOil Ends 3/15/2016!

Right now, if you were to walk into my living room, downstairs, you'd feel as though you were transported to the beach. You'd just have to shut your eyes for a minute... You would almost feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders, the soothing sound of the waves as they come ashore... This would all be thanks to the Renuzit Sensitive Scents plugin that I have near the front door. It plugs right into an outlet and continually warms an oil, dispersing the fragrance around the room. By the way, it is a universal oil warmer. Okay, so you might not experience all that, but the scent is called Pure Ocean Breeze and it truly is very reminiscent of the scents you would smell at the beach. I love walking down the stairway and being welcomed by the aroma.  It smells so good. It actually circulates throughout the whole open concept living space that we have downstairs. Now, upstairs, is a different story. My bathroom has an entirely different atmosphere. The sce

Is Online Tutoring Considered Individual Instruction? #futureschool #sponsoredpost

There are many people who are a bit unsure if online tutoring would qualify as individualized instruction. The quick answer that would apply to most types of online tutor programs, is yes, but that is not always the case. There are some types of Elearning courses that would not fall into this category, so you need to understand its definition before you assume that your particular tutoring options would qualify.  The Basic Definition of Individualized Instruction At a very general level, the one thing that distinguishes individualized instruction from other forms of instruction is the ability to take the course and individualize what is being taught toward what each individual needs. For example, if you are taking a course through online education about finance, you need to be able to take that class and break up the lessons to focus more on budgeting for students that need that help, and focus more on credit for the students that need a deeper understanding of that form of

A Raw Foodie Must Have A Good Veggie/Fruit Peeler #MLVOCPeeler

I am currently on the raw food journey, but  I still have a cooked vegan meal on most days as well.  I chop and peel and spiralize fruits and veggies every single day, several times during the day. I have this new #MLVOCpeeler, as shown in the pictures above, that I have been using.  It's a lovely blue and white, and has multiple blades that you can cycle through. There is a white knob on the top that you can turn, with some effort, and then use it on your food. I do find it a little tough to turn and wish it was a little easier, but once it is turned to the setting that I want, it slices through those carrots, apples, potatoes, etc. with such ease. It's blades are sharp, it does a great job, it makes me wonder why I never knew about it sooner. You can use it to peel or julienne beautifully. It fits into my hand just right too. This is obviously a kitchen gadget must have in my household, so of course I recommend Get your own here on Amazon. Disc

Hello...Can You Hear Me? #1byOne Wireless Doorbell

I live in a pretty big house. My husband and FIL have done some light remodeling inside and sadly one of the things that got compromised was the doorbell. The base that the sound comes out of is now inside of our enormous pantry. So, yeah, kinda hard to hear it, especially when I'm upstairs. I NEED my doorbell, especially since I'm a blogger, and I have to sign for some of the many packages that arrive at my house throughout the week. Look at this nice little package from  1byOne.  It came with two plugin receivers, mouting screws, a remote button, battery, and double sided tape to stick the remote to a wall. I attached the remote right next to my door. The tape holds very well. It has a tiny blue light when you press down. I plugged in one of the receivers downstairs, in the kitchen so that I can hear it well. Honestly, you can plug it in virtually anywhere because you can adjust the sound to as loud or as low as you want. Oh my gosh, and yes, it can get

You Know I'm All About That Bass #1byOne

This might sound silly to some, but every night, my son and I like to have what we call a mini dance party. After he's done with his school work and we've had dinner, we like to head upstairs, turn the lights down and turn the music up. We like it loud, and yes, we dance and sing along. You need some good speakers to get really into it... I did say speakers, but with my new speaker, (not plural), from 1byOne, you really only need the one. It's small, it looks and feels like a little tire, and the sound that comes out of it is phenomenal.  It's loud. My favorite thing about it, however, is the deep bass.  Check it out:   It comes with a USB cord for charging and a small hook that can be attached to whatever you choose. I sometimes hook mine on my belt loop and listen to my music while I'm cleaning up around the house.  Now, it's easy to do this since it's wireless and you can stream your music from your device by using Bluetooth technolo

Classy in My #Suuchi Dress

Now that I'm older, I've found myself wanting to wear dresses more often. I don't have too many yet, but I'm working out filling up that closet of mine.  I don't always have the easiest time finding dresses that fit my body type. I'm under 5 feet, large on top, and small on the bottom. Many dresses that I pick are too long or too snug in one area and too loose in another. A company called Suuchi advertised that they can actually custom tailor a dress to your size online. All you have to do is take your measurements and forward those to them. They have different styles and colors that you can choose from as well. Shipping doesn't take very long for them to send it to you, even though it is custom made. This is the design that I picked It is a Suuchi Custom Made Side Slit Dress. Close up so that you can kind of get a gist of what the material is like and also you can see the design. The material is very good quality. It is a littl

Swimsuit Season Is Coming Up #amiclubwear

I've slimmed up considerably since being pregnant and I am definitely hoping to go swimming this spring break and summer. Last year I couldn't since my baby was born around the time that we normally head out on our vacation.  I always have issues finding the right bathing suit and luckily Amiclubwear was generous enough to send me some really nice swimwear.  This is the first swimsuit.  Sexy Black Netted Cut Out Front Zipper 2 Pc Swimsuit It kinda reminded me of a mini wetsuit when I first saw it. I like how much coverage it provides, compared to a tiny bikini, which I'm not totally comfortable wearing just yet. I also love the netted design along the sides of the top and along the bottoms as well. It has a zipper front that you can zip up as far as you want. I like this because sometimes halter and string tops hurt my neck after wearing my swimsuit for a while. This top is comfortable, and I can wear it for several hours without any discomfort around

Local Wedding Trends in Glendale, CA #anoush #sponsoredpost

You might expect that in a place like California weddings would be a bit bolder, glamorous and dramatic. If this is an expectation that you have of a California wedding, then you are correct. Weddings are a bit different in California – different in the best ways! With so many elegant wedding halls and banquet halls in Glendale, CA , you might also expect nothing less than perfection from a wedding in this area – again, you would be right. That is, assuming that a renowned wedding catering service, such as Anoush, is being used. Anoush is up to date with all of the latest California wedding trends and delivers the most astounding wedding services in the area. 2016 California Wedding Trends When it comes to 2016 California wedding trends, Anoush has got what it takes to make your special day shine. Here are some of the top trends of the season that we can expect to see. ● Comfort food – This season you can expect to see brides and grooms leaning