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Hello...Can You Hear Me? #1byOne Wireless Doorbell

I live in a pretty big house. My husband and FIL have done some light remodeling inside and sadly one of the things that got compromised was the doorbell. The base that the sound comes out of is now inside of our enormous pantry. So, yeah, kinda hard to hear it, especially when I'm upstairs.
I NEED my doorbell, especially since I'm a blogger, and I have to sign for some of the many packages that arrive at my house throughout the week.

Look at this nice little package from 1byOne.
 It came with two plugin receivers, mouting screws, a remote button, battery, and double sided tape to stick the remote to a wall.

I attached the remote right next to my door. The tape holds very well. It has a tiny blue light when you press down.

I plugged in one of the receivers downstairs, in the kitchen so that I can hear it well. Honestly, you can plug it in virtually anywhere because you can adjust the sound to as loud or as low as you want. Oh my gosh, and yes, it can get really loud if you want or need it to.
If you don't want sound, you can set it to just light up when someone presses that button. That is a really neat feature. 
In fact, it's so nice that the one I put upstairs is set to only light up. I plugged it in the hallway so I can see it from my room if it lights up in bright blue. I love now being able to both "see" and hear when the doorbell rings. The song is a nice tune as well. My son actually likes to go outside and press the button, only to come inside so that he can hear it playing. We don't mind it since it's such a pleasant song. 

This product is just plain great. I can't find anything that I don't like about it. It only takes a few seconds to set up and then you're good to go.
No more missed packages...

You can purchase one here on Amazon.

Visit their website.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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