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Strong And Kind by Korie Roberston Giveaway #STRONGANDKIND #FLYBY

Anyone else out there a Duck Dynasty fan?  My husband and I love the show. We watch it all the time. I love the closeness and the humor shared between all of the relatives. They're unlike any other family on reality t.v. I like that they are a more positive show with better family values than most other super popular shows. This book is by Willie Roberston's wife, Korie Robertson. About the book:  Hardcover; 240 pages Publisher: Harper Collins Christian Publishing (October 27, 2015)  In her new book STRONG and KIND: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed, Korie Robertson - New York Times bestselling author, wife of Duck Commander® CEO Willie Robertson, star of A&E's Duck Dynasty, and mother of five - argues that developing good character in our children is the single most important thing we can do to help ensure they lead happy, healthy adult lives.  Robertson explores key traits and what they truly look like in action, as

Perfect Gift For Mom or Dad #GotMeTipsy

I only have one sibling on my mother's side. I have a younger sister. Every year I try to find her something funny for her birthday or for Christmas.  I was sent something from Got Me Tipsy that I thought would be perfect for her, in more ways than one. My mom has always been a coffee and tea drinker and well, the saying is just right. haha. My mom doesn't play favorites actually, but we all got a good laugh out of it.  I gave this mug to my mom for her birthday. It's thick and I like that it's see-through, good quality glass. The saying is funny and I knew my mom would enjoy the humor in it. It's a pretty large mug, perfect for any kind of hot drink. The lettering was perfect on one side and then on the other, a tiny bit of the paint was coming off of a couple letters, nothing too noticeable.  My mom really liked this gift. It would make a nice gift for either parent on their birthday, or other holiday. Available for purchase on Amazon. #G

Beautiful Accessories and Clothing from Cute Cute Boutique #cutecuteboutique

I recently stumbled across a boutique with some of the prettiest little accessories and clothing for baby boys and girls, as well as older children. From gorgeous little headbands and bows to bibs, bow ties, and more--they have a really lovely selection of products. They're all handmade in the UK. About Cute Cute Boutique Cute Cute was established in 2012 and is a family run business.The brand was founded by Magda Haroon, mother of two based in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Magda and her team of local mums are dedicated to producing high quality hand made accessories for children. Each and every item is carefully designed to follow the latest trends and is unique and different - just like your precious little ones. We aim to provide a personalised service to all our customers to enable you and your little one to feel special everyday. I received a beautiful oversized grosgrain headband, a matching small hair bow, and an even smaller hair clip.  They all arrived nicely wra

Keep Your Teeth Looking Sparkly White #‎TartarScraperkit‬

I have always been the type of person that likes to keep my teeth looking nice, clean, and as stain free as possible. I watch what I eat, I don't smoke, I rarely drink dark colored drinks, I brush, and I floss. I don't have insurance so I can't afford to go to the dentist as often as I probably should.  My husband has his own set of these tools from another company and his are very thin and look like they won't last very long. They also cost way more than these do.  These are better quality. I can't see these breaking for years and years. They work nicely for removing food from between teeth and also for scraping off a bit of tartar buildup. They are very tough, so it's best to try and clean your teeth gently, so not to destroy your teeth.  I know the company's picture shows three different kinds of tools, but I actually received two of the exact same scrapers and a mirror. Instead of complaining, I just gave my husband one and kept one for

Nothing Better Than A Fresh Cup #blissliigrinder

We're not huge coffee drinkers in my house, but my husband and I do appreciate a nice big mug of some once in a while. It's even better when it's freshly ground up.  Company's Product Description Holds approx 6 tbs of coffee beans Can create enough for 2 cups of coffee  7.5 inch x 1.9 inch in size, 8.9 ounces in weight This manual grinder is pretty powerful. With a few turns, it grinds up coffee beans very well. They come out evenly ground up too. Then I just put the grounds in my reusable k cups and make a cup. Although this is a coffee grinder, I've also used it to grind up halved almonds and pecans for other recipes. It works great for that too. I like that it comes apart , making it easier to clean. I also like that it comes with a metal spoon that can clamp onto a bag of coffee beans. Available for purchase on Amazon. #blissliigrinder **Disclaimer:  I received this product at a discoun

Keep Baby Warm This Winter #kurumiket

November is just around the corner. Here come the chilly days and nights. I definitely want to make sure to keep my little one warm. I was very impressed by this extra thick carrier cover that I was sent. Company's Product Description 5 products in one: Baby carrier cover, stroller cover, nursing cover, poncho, blanket Adjustable buttons for both wide or narrow strapped carriers Use as a hoodie for baby by pulling the top drawstring Buttons for extra protection from wind and other weather Keep baby's legs warm by pulling bottom drawstring Can be used up to 5 yrs old Double layered fleece Strong and durable I think that this product is perfect for the colder season that is coming up soon. It's so thick, fuzzy, and extremely warm and comfortable for my baby. I love how it can be used in so many different ways. I can use it with my carrier or wrap, on her car seat, on her stroller, as a blanket, or even as a hoodie for my baby. I love th

#Momslab 2-in-1 Nursing and Car Seat Cover

I know I've been talking about quite a few different covers for nursing purposes or for covering my daughter's car seat. I can't seem to get enough of them. I want more than one just in case one gets dirty. Also, not all of them are made the same or have the exact same features. This is an example of one that is a bit different. This cover is a 2-in-1. What a great idea because I can use it to cover my baby when she's napping in her car seat or when it's hot , cold, windy, or in a germ infested place. It even has Velcro on the ends with strips to attach to your car seat. This way it can't blow away. It will stay in place and keep your baby and your body won't have to be rudely awakened. Then after you get to your destination, you can remove the cover and slip the strap over your neck to cover up when nursing. Love it. I like the way the top curves so it pulls the fabric, which is not overly thick and away from the baby. Not only can you see bab

Like Your Own Personal Waterfall #DreamSpa

Most days taking a nice hot shower is the best part of my day. I'm a stay at home mom of two. Getting a hot shower in is relaxing and much appreciated at any time during my busy day or night.  I have always wanted a big spa shower head and this one is a good size. I like that it shows the temperature and lights up, although I can't see the temperature reading unless I'm up close. When the water is cold, the light turns blue. When it's just right and warm, it turns green. When it's steaming hot, it turns red.  It would be better if it had a bigger screen. At least the color of the light is bright, so it will let me know right away if the water is too hot or too cold. I'll bet it looks really cool in a dark bathroom, not that I know many people who shower in the dark...Ours is a little bright. This shower head was actually one of the easiest ones that I've screwed on, and I did it quickly. It doesn't leak, and no I did not have

Getting Rid Of Rodents Safely #ecodefense

When you live next to neighbors who have numerous abandoned vehicles and a filthy yard who has an overabundance of rodents, you're bound to get a couple in your house, if you're lucky...Ha. Yeah, NOT lucky, I mean. Who wants mice in their house? And no, I'm not talking about the kind that you buy at the pet store.  Company's Product Description Humane pest control Organic Safe around pets and children Eco-friendly My friend has been having a pretty big issue with mice in her family's house. Not fun. She's got little kids running around in there and two tiny dogs. Mice are not welcome. Since she has kids in the house and pets, it's obviously important to find a product that's less dangerous than harsh poisons and traps. This product doesn't smell as bad as a ton of other products that we've tried. I say we because I have been trying to help her find the best products that we could. We sprayed it around the cracks in h

Color Care Hair Care #Arvazallia #advcolorcare

I colored my hair about a month ago. I dyed it a wild burgundy purple shade. Now, if I plan on keeping that color in my hair for a while, I have to use color safe hair products.  Arvazallia, which is a brand that I have used before and liked, also makes a Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner line. These three come in nice bright bottles and a big ol' jar. Company's Product Descriptions Seal and lock in color, protects and extends the life of hair color Hydrating, moisturizing ingredients, deeply cleanses without stripping color and moisture Repairs and restores, prevents damage caused by color treatments Sulfate and paraben free  Contains macadamia and argan oil For all hair types Advanced Color Care Moisturizing Shampoo I've mentioned before that I don't shampoo my hair often, especially when it's colored, because it tends to dry it out, make it bleed a lot, and dramatically strips the color out. I've used this brand before, but this on

I Am A Hair Puffy Wig Review #IAmAHair

Although I have a full head of healthy curls, sometimes I like to wear wigs. I've worn all different colors and hair types over the years. One of my favorite wigs that I have been wearing lately is the one that I received from   It's a Wig! , by I Am a Hair. They have synthetic, lacefront, human hair wigs, half wigs, weaves, hair pieces, and more.  This is my hair before the wig: Like I said before, a full head of curls. I have ALWAYS wanted to try going really light though, but I'm so afraid of damaging my curls. I hate bleach and other lightening products, so I normally just go darker with vegan dyes or henna. Why not go lighter the safe way-with a wig! I decided to pick out a wig that had multiple shades of blonde and light brown in it.  The picture on the left is of the wig on me, in dim room lighting. On the right is the wig, solo, in bright lighting. What is really neat about this particular wig is that it is very close to my normal hair patt

Crown and Cradle Nursing Cover #crown_and_cradle

I have a growing collection of nursing covers, since I use them very often. I have different colors and designs. Speaking of which, this nursing cover from Crown and Cradle is one of the prettiest. What do you think about it? This nursing cover has a very pretty design on it. It is opaque and provides excellent privacy when nursing your baby. It has an adjustable neck strap and a collar that is round instead of flat so that you can see your baby as he or she feeds. That is my favorite part, especially now that my baby is older and doesn't like being covered much. With this, she can see my face and is content while eating. She can also breathe better with this sort of cover. I have a couple of other similar covers, but this one has a few nicer additional features. It has three pockets, (one on the outside and two on the inside), which are nice to store tiny toys, a pacifier, pamper, a couple of wipes (in a ziploc bag), or wash cloth inside, to take with you. It

Instavac Food Storage Set #Ozeri

We cook a lot in my house and so, therefore, there are always leftovers. We have plastic storage containers of all colors and sizes, but none of them are like the ones that I now own from Ozeri.  Company's Product Description Patented valve reduces air volume so bacteria will less likely grow Food stays fresh longer Date dial to keep track of the amount of days food has been stored Wave pattern on bottom to keep cut up foods elevated from their juices Release valve will prevents food from spilling or splattering in microwave Freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe Stain-resistant, transparent, and shatter-proof Comes with four storage containers It has four flip panels, one on each side that you can pop up easily to open and pop down to close. Four different sizes for your storage needs. They can be stacked on top of one another or contained one inside of the other for more convenient storage space. It's great that these contai

From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks Guest Blog #venturemom

I recently came across a new book that I  just had to share!  Do you long to stay home with your kids and work from home?  Or…are you a stay at home mom already, but want start a business working from home to fulfill your dreams and aspirations?   I have been a stay at home mom for a few years now. I have a 7 year old son and a 5 month old daughter. Being a stay at home mom can be tough, but I love it. Blogging is one of the things I do often and I hope to eventually monetize it so that I can continue to stay at home with my kids. Author, Holly Hurd from  , has written a guest article sharing some unique tips on how to decide what business to start; tips which can be found in her new book! For many people, the decision to start their own business comes easy. They know they want to be their own boss. They know they want the freedom of working for themselves. They know they want to build something that lasts for their families. But the next question is a lot hard