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I Am A Hair Puffy Wig Review #IAmAHair

Although I have a full head of healthy curls, sometimes I like to wear wigs. I've worn all different colors and hair types over the years. One of my favorite wigs that I have been wearing lately is the one that I received from  It's a Wig!, by I Am a Hair.
They have synthetic, lacefront, human hair wigs, half wigs, weaves, hair pieces, and more. 

This is my hair before the wig:
Like I said before, a full head of curls. I have ALWAYS wanted to try going really light though, but I'm so afraid of damaging my curls. I hate bleach and other lightening products, so I normally just go darker with vegan dyes or henna.
Why not go lighter the safe way-with a wig!
I decided to pick out a wig that had multiple shades of blonde and light brown in it. 

The picture on the left is of the wig on me, in dim room lighting. On the right is the wig, solo, in bright lighting.

What is really neat about this particular wig is that it is very close to my normal hair pattern. I couldn't believe how natural it looked. I love the color blend of the wig. It's called DX2216.

Details about Puffy DX2216
  • Synthetic
  • Can be washed with a mild shampoo/conditioner, then air dry
  • Tangle-free
  • Adjustable straps inside wig
This wig is a lot of fun to wear. I had to put a wig cap on underneath, well, for obvious reasons. You saw how much hair I have in that first pic at the top, right?
After putting on a wig cap, I simply adjusted the actual wig to fit my head, and since there are only straps inside and no combs, I used bobby pins underneath to keep it in place. 
I found this wig to be comfortable on my head. It didn't slip off all day, which is a good thing, in case I decide to wear it when I go out. 

Wigs like this one are a perfect alternative to dying or styling your hair, perfect for hair loss, or for costume wear. I had no issues with it itching and I love that I can just wash it and hang it to dry, in between uses.  

Here's my video review on YouTube:

You can purchase this wig or pick from a ton of other very nice quality wigs here.


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**Disclaimer: I received a wig in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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