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My Baby Looks So Fashionable #crochetJandra

I'm a boot fanatic. I own quite a few different colors and styles. Shouldn't my daughter own a pair as well? Yes, they're crochet! And they came with a stylish hat to match. They came nicely gift wrapped. They were sent to me from a shop on Etsy called CrochetJandra. About the shop Turnaround time is about 2 or 3 weeks prior to shipping unless otherwise stated in the listing.  Welcome to Crochetjandra! I offer selection of handmade crochet baby booties,hats, beanies, cocoons, and diaper covers and more... to be used as photo props, or just any occasion! Everything is made by me in my a pet-free/smoke-free home. I craft everything with care and love. Custom orders available. -CrochetJandra Oh my, There are a few different styles of booties and more. It would be so nice to own a pair in every color and style available. Ooooh, and matching hats and gloves... Look at that happy little face. My baby girl loves the camera. I love dressing her up and taking pictu

Baby Proofing The Cabinets #cabinetlocks #pinksee

Did you read my post about the little baby booties from Pinksee ? Well, they also make the product below! Now that my little doll is starting to move around a lot more, it is imperative that I have the house baby proofed.  I have been crawling around on the floor trying to pick up anything that could be a hazard to her. We have a big house, so it has been pretty time consuming.  I recently started proofing the cabinets as well. Wouldn't want her to get into those.  What's great for ensuring that this doesn't accidentally happen is by installing some decent cabinet locks like these: Ten locks came in the pack. Five were pastel pink, five were pastel blue. They aren't very big.  They have circular adhesive pads on the back, and can be separated into two pieces. Here is a picture of one of the locks after I adhered it to one of my bathroom cabinets. The adhesive works nicely. The lock is stuck on and isn't going to fall off any time soon. Le

I Just Love These Little Baby Booties #pinksee #babybooties

My baby girl has quite a few outfits, but is lacking in the sock and shoe department. I'm working on it. Now that it's cooler, I am trying to really stock up on things to keep her little toes warm.  She now has five pairs of baby booties from Pinksee.  About these Booties They can be hand washed or dry cleaned Material: 75% Cotton, 20% Nylon, 5% Lycra Made to fit babies from 6 to 24 months boys and girls (feet size 9 to 15c) Cute animal pattern design with fresh colors Anti-slip on the bottom side to prevent baby slip when they start to learn walking. Good elastic  It's 5 pairs of RANDOM STYLES, there maybe new styles not shown in photos. Please select gender and they will pick styles that are more suitable for the gender you chose. I like how these socks fit on her feet. They fit very comfortably on her, with a little bit of room to grow. They're not too thick or hot. They're soft and breathable. These are the anti-slip grips that

Have you ever tried Lime Crime Eyeshadow? #VenusTheGrungePalette

I LOVE eyeshadow. I have tried so many different shades and brands, but have always wanted to try out Lime Crime. Why? Because they are known for their bold colors. I now own the Venus Palette and I love it. Here's what it looks like: It's a big blue and yellow pallette with beautiful artwork and a decent sized mirror inside. These are what the shades look like on my skin tone from top left to bottom right. As you can see, some are a bit shimmery, and the others are matte. The second shade didn't show up too well in the photo, but it shows up on my lids pretty well after a couple of applications. Also, although a few of the shades look awfully similar in the photo, in person, you can see the difference. One thing that I do love about this eyeshadow is that the colors are very pigmented. You don't need to use too much. Most of the shades only need one application to show up darkly on my lids. Usually with most eyeshadows I have to keep on applying coat

Breastfeeding and Hormones #nursing #hormones #breastfeeding

My daughter is now a little past 6 months old. And yes, you better believe I'm still breastfeeding. I plan on doing that till SHE no longer wants to.  She has recently started solids. We're doing the baby led weaning approach. We bypassed purees at month 4 and 5 and went straight to her self feeding (mostly), a variety of very soft finger foods. She loves avocados, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, peas, pears, ---you name it...She loves it all.  She probably is already accustomed to the taste of these yummy fruits and vegetables because I am a vegetarian and eat these foods regularly. The taste of these foods is already in my milk. I always nurse her a bit first and then offer her some solid food a couple times a day.  She still nurses every few hours, like before, maybe minus one feeding. There are some things that I've started to notice, however, that are not so fun for me.  I've been having hot flashes, exhaustion, and weepiness. I thought, uh oh--p

Adorable Baby Accessories from Mini-Mae Crochet #crochet #baby

After searching all over Etsy, I found yet another nice little shop that makes crocheted accessories. You all know how I mentioned that I love to dress up my baby girl. Look at what I received from Mini-Mae Crochet. So darling, right? About Mini-Mae Crochet Her goal is to make simple and cute products that let the uniqueness of your little one shine. All items are designed and handmade by me. Please know that unless your item to Ready to Ship, it will take time to crochet. This time varies by season. -Caryn McCracken, store owner. This is the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Headband . It is made with candy cane striped elastic and a white sparkle crocheted star with a tiny red bead in the middle. I  love this, especially for the upcoming Christmas holiday. It would be really nice paired with a pretty Christmas dress or other holiday outfit.   This is the Polar Cub hat . It's made from thick, high quality acrylic yarn. It's made from a

Cardboard Nail Files Are A Thing of The Past #craveNaturals

Who remembers those flimsy little cardboard nail files??? They're also known as emery boards. They come in a pack of 6-12 and cost somewhere under a couple of dollars. It's probably because they're not very sturdy, nor do they don't last very long. The one good thing about those, however, is that they're disposable. Good, because if there's any bacteria or germs, etc, from the nails they were used on, well that goes into the trash bin.  Then there's those metal files and some others made out of I-don't-know-what. Have you ever tried glass files? I have a set of 5 from Crave Naturals that I like quite a bit.  First off, like I said, they're GLASS. They're definitely NOT flimsy. They're not flexible, which is fine for me, but some people like they're files to bend or curve around their nails when filing those babies down.  I like that these come in 5 pretty colors. There's red, green, purple, orange, and blue. One

HookLineNStinker Cabbage Patch Baby Hat Giveaway! Ends 12/11/2015!

When my daughter was born, she was so small. She didn't weigh much and she barely fit into her preemie clothes. She ended up having to wear a couple of doll outfits because it's all that would fit her for a few weeks. Everything else was so big. I took so many pictures of her and people were constantly talking about how much she resembled a little doll. Now that she's older, I love to dress her up in pretty dresses and accessories, and I still take a ton of pictures. She still looks like my little dolly.  Do you remember those Cabbage Patch Dolls that used to be so popular? Well, I came across this cool little shop on Etsy that actually sells hats that look like Cabbage Patch Doll wigs! I knew I had to get one for my little girl and I'm sure after you see it, you're probably going to want one for your little one too. The shop is called Hook Line N Stinker (such a cute and clever name, right? )  This is what the hat I received looks like: This is th

Typing Away From Home with My Bluetooth Keyboard #1byone

Although I own a computer, I do so many product reviews away from home, and there is no way that I want to carry it around with me all the time.  I end up doing posts and writing up reviews online on either my phone or my tablet, simply because they are small and easy to carry. The only problem with that is the fact that I am using an onscreen keyboard that is really tiny.  It's not very easy to type up full reviews this way. I just started using this Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard from 1ByOne . It is ultra thin and not very large. I can carry it around with me when I really need it.  It requires no wires since it works via Bluetooth. This is another wonderful feature that I am thankful for.  It only needs 2 AAA batteries to work. There is an on and off switch on the top and it has an automatic power saving mode when not in use for a certain amount of time.  I love how quickly I was able to connect my phone to it. Actually, I love a lot of things about it.

Pretty Purple Wolf Lenses from #spookyeyes

Yup, here is another one of my crazy contact lens posts. You know I love changing my eye color...I've talked about how much I love the color purple and guess what? These are my new purple wolf color contacts . They arrived in this little box, with two glass vials. I got excited just looking at them through the glass. They looked so pretty. I removed them and put them in fresh contact solution to soak for a few hours. They are a deep, bright purple, surrounded by a really nice lavender shade. Dreamy... When I put them on, here is what they looked like in various lighting: Details about these Purple Wolf Lenses Life span: 90 days  Non-prescription soft contact lenses purple color I love how pale and dramatic they are. They don't provide much eye enlargement, which is something I usually hope for, but they still look nice. They would be excellent as Halloween contact lenses, although that holiday is long gone. Also nice for cosplay, role p

Tame That Belly With the Mamaway Postpartum Support Belly Band #mamawayus

Did I mention that I still have a little bit of prego tummy left? I do, but I'm working on it. It will be gone soon, I swear.  I'm loving my postpartum support belly band from Mamaway. They are the creators of my favorite baby carrier sling that I posted about a while back. This is what it looks like out of the box: This is what the inner lining looks like: It is made from bamboo charcoal, polyester, nylon, and rubber, not neoprene like many other belly bands and waist trimmers.  The bamboo charcoal was a genius idea because you know how these things can get a bit sweaty when worn for long periods of time? Well thanks to that bamboo charcoal, it will help keep the band from getting an odor or bacterial build up on it. It also stays cool and is breathable.  You can also wash it in the washer when it gets dirty. It feels different against your skin. You can wear it over or under a shirt. Either way it will make a visible difference.  Here is

Oh the Joys of Being a Mommy Here Comes Some Nightly Rambling

It's late here, somewhere past 2 A.M. but I'm in a writing mood. Everyone is sound asleep, but like on some nights, I'm wide awake and can't seem to fall asleep no matter how hard I try. Might as well write. My daughter is now slightly past 6 months old, my son 7 years old...There is quite a bit of an age gap, I know. I became a mommy the first time in my early twenties and again at the age of 30. I must admit, big difference in the way I view the world.  I did not have the happiest life during the time when I had my son. I was in college, which was about the only good thing, besides the birth of my son, that was going on.  I was in an awful relationship, which I thankfully am no longer a part of. I had A LOT of growing up to do, and my son helped me do that, and fast.  I learned a lot since having my son, and I think it has made things a bit easier this time around with baby number 2.  It also helps that I am married to an incredible man. Since