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Breastfeeding and Hormones #nursing #hormones #breastfeeding

My daughter is now a little past 6 months old. And yes, you better believe I'm still breastfeeding. I plan on doing that till SHE no longer wants to. 
She has recently started solids. We're doing the baby led weaning approach. We bypassed purees at month 4 and 5 and went straight to her self feeding (mostly), a variety of very soft finger foods. She loves avocados, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, peas, pears, ---you name it...She loves it all. 
She probably is already accustomed to the taste of these yummy fruits and vegetables because I am a vegetarian and eat these foods regularly. The taste of these foods is already in my milk.
I always nurse her a bit first and then offer her some solid food a couple times a day. 
She still nurses every few hours, like before, maybe minus one feeding.

There are some things that I've started to notice, however, that are not so fun for me. 
I've been having hot flashes, exhaustion, and weepiness. I thought, uh oh--pregnancy number three??? Ha, no.
The weepiness is weird because it will come out of nowhere. I'm not a big crier, by the way. I'll be watching a show on Netflix and see a sad scene and feel like I might shed a couple of tears. Not like me at all. I've never been sensitive in that way. The hot flashes are terrible. I had those during pregnancy and wasn't hoping to have those again anytime soon. 
Perhaps PMS? Maybe.
But I've been reading a lot of information these last few days and although some of you may jump to the conclusion that it might be Postpartum Depression, it sounds a lot like the fact that my Estrogen levels are changing again, since she is slightly weaning towards solid foods. 
Aren't hormones fun?

I read this article, today. Check it out-it's an interesting one. It talks about estrogen levels fluctuating.

Anyway, I'm going to continue nursing, like I said earlier, but I can't wait till my hormones are a bit more, what's the word? Stable?

Have any of you nursing moms out there gone through this before? 
Let me know in the comment section below.

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