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Tame That Belly With the Mamaway Postpartum Support Belly Band #mamawayus

Did I mention that I still have a little bit of prego tummy left? I do, but I'm working on it. It will be gone soon, I swear. 
I'm loving my postpartum support belly band from Mamaway. They are the creators of my favorite baby carrier sling that I posted about a while back.

This is what it looks like out of the box:

This is what the inner lining looks like:
It is made from bamboo charcoal, polyester, nylon, and rubber, not neoprene like many other belly bands and waist trimmers. 
The bamboo charcoal was a genius idea because you know how these things can get a bit sweaty when worn for long periods of time? Well thanks to that bamboo charcoal, it will help keep the band from getting an odor or bacterial build up on it. It also stays cool and is breathable. 
You can also wash it in the washer when it gets dirty.

It feels different against your skin. You can wear it over or under a shirt. Either way it will make a visible difference. 

Here is what it looks like on me:
This is what it looks like without the two additional straps being used. It can be closed tightly with velcro and it's pretty nice how tightly I can wear it before it becomes even close to being uncomfortable. Normally when I wear these kinds of things, you better believe I can feel uncomfy in them. 

Look at how it looks with the extra straps:
Even more pulled in on the sides. It makes everything tighter and flatter. You can use these straps to target specific areas. If you have bulging love handles, this can help a lot.

Here is a side view: 
It works somewhat like a corset, but is so much easier to wear. Not a billion little hooks, just plain old velcro.
I like that it doesn't roll up on me and I can wear it under my clothes without it being super noticeable. It doesn't make it hard to do things, like sitting. 
It's happened before with a previous belt. Not cool. 
This is a really nice product. It will provide not only a slimmer look, but it's also great for giving your back and abs the much needed support after you have your baby. It'll help speed up recovery time and getting back into shape.

I made a short video of this product so you can see it in action:

You can buy one of these belly bands here.

**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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