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Typing Away From Home with My Bluetooth Keyboard #1byone

Although I own a computer, I do so many product reviews away from home, and there is no way that I want to carry it around with me all the time. 
I end up doing posts and writing up reviews online on either my phone or my tablet, simply because they are small and easy to carry. The only problem with that is the fact that I am using an onscreen keyboard that is really tiny.  It's not very easy to type up full reviews this way.

I just started using this Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard from 1ByOne. It is ultra thin and not very large. I can carry it around with me when I really need it. 
It requires no wires since it works via Bluetooth. This is another wonderful feature that I am thankful for. 
It only needs 2 AAA batteries to work.
There is an on and off switch on the top and it has an automatic power saving mode when not in use for a certain amount of time. 

I love how quickly I was able to connect my phone to it. Actually, I love a lot of things about it.
-I can connect to the internet on my phone or tablet by simply hitting one tiny button
-I can do the same to open up my email
-I can use the keyboard to type up my reviews, as well as for text messaging
-I can control my music or the volume if I am watching a show or movie on my phone or tablet by pushing the volume buttons at the top
-There is a home button, search button, copy, paste, cut, and select all button on the keyboard too
-It also has a touchpad! 
-It can work with an android device and also supports Windows 8 and finger gestures

It makes things so much easier.
I can type things up on it faster than before.
Yes, it is smaller than the average keyboard but I used a smaller sized laptop for years, so the small keyboard is actually more what I'm used to. I haven't found any issues when typing.

The touchpad is a cool addition, but it tends to lag a little bit.  I think that if the speed were increased, as far as it's reaction time, then this keyboard would be even better. 

1byone has so many neat electronics. This is only one kind of keyboard they have available. There are a few other models, with different features. 
They have phone accessories, home security products, t.v. accessories, audio accessories, stage lighting, and more. They seriously have some of the coolest products.
This product is available for purchase here.

Connect with 1byone

**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are solely my own. **

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