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Oh the Joys of Being a Mommy Here Comes Some Nightly Rambling

It's late here, somewhere past 2 A.M. but I'm in a writing mood. Everyone is sound asleep, but like on some nights, I'm wide awake and can't seem to fall asleep no matter how hard I try. Might as well write.

My daughter is now slightly past 6 months old, my son 7 years old...There is quite a bit of an age gap, I know.
I became a mommy the first time in my early twenties and again at the age of 30. I must admit, big difference in the way I view the world. 
I did not have the happiest life during the time when I had my son. I was in college, which was about the only good thing, besides the birth of my son, that was going on. 
I was in an awful relationship, which I thankfully am no longer a part of.

I had A LOT of growing up to do, and my son helped me do that, and fast. 

I learned a lot since having my son, and I think it has made things a bit easier this time around with baby number 2.  It also helps that I am married to an incredible man.

Since my son is older, he is able to help me out with his little sister, and let me tell you---she adores him and vice versa. 
It's so nice to see them being silly together. Although she is only 6 months, after watching them together and the way that only he can make her smile and laugh, you can tell that they already have developed a deep bond. It melts my heart when I sit back and watch them together. 
My son has always wanted a sibling. Sure, it might have taken a few years, but now he has one. I have a feeling that he is going to try and be the best brother that he can possibly be. He says he is going to take care of his baby sister forever, and I believe him.

You know-I do so love being a mom. Yes, it can be tough-oh my gosh- tougher than anything else in this world, but like many mommies can agree, it's worth it. It's the best feeling in the world. Watching your child or children grow up into their own person, having their own personalities, watching them as they learn new things, it's an experience worth having. 

These days I wake up and instead of hurrying to pretty myself up, which, I guess I could try a little harder, but when I have more time to do it, I will...sometimes I wonder if those days will ever come...
Instead, I get up, nurse the baby, have breakfast with the kiddos, and then start my son's schooling for the day. Occasionally my daughter will decide she wants to take a nap long enough for me to shower, but sometimes that does not happen till the end of the day. Sometimes, I look like crap for the whole day. Not that it really matters if we're just going to be at home anyway. Who am I trying to impress. really? The mail lady? The UPS or FedEx delivery people? 
Yes, they are about the only people that I see on a regular basis, besides my kids and my husband. 

Alright, I'll admit there have been times when I put on some makeup and fix up my hair, just to look good for my husband. He loves me no matter what, but, I know he appreciates the effort too. 

Tonight, I showered. It was a long one. I needed it after the past few days. My body has been aching. Sadly, I've come to realize that those carpal tunnel pains I've been having off and on for years are more like Rheumatoid Arthritis pains. I have had severe inflammation in my right arm every single morning for the past week. My right hand, past my wrist, and up my forearm gets so stiff. It's hard to lift the baby with both arms sometimes. I'm only 30, will it get worse soon?
It goes away after about 10-15 minutes, but it's been happening every day. It makes me sad. Arthritis does seem to be very common in the women in my family. I heard eating berries everyday can help a bit. Blueberries, prepare to be eaten daily.

I brushed my hair, which I rarely do, since it's so curly, but at times it is in terrible need of a good brushing. After walking around with the world's worst matted knots in my hair the past few WEEKS, yes I said WEEKS, I thought it was due time. I used some apple cider vinegar to soften it up a little, as well as some really good Argan  Oil conditioner that I have, let it sit, and then finger combed and brushed away. I lost so much hair, I think I could have probably made a wig for my daughter. Just kidding, but seriously guys, I lost a lot of hair. On the upside, my hair feels incredibly soft and not frizzy or knotted. 
I miss those days during pregnancy when my hair was nice and full, and uh, manageable. Gone, gone, gone are those days.
My nails are not growing as fast as they did during pregnancy either and I'm still taking my prenatals. Also my skin is not as nice. 
I'm sure a lot of other mommies out there have experienced such things after birth right?
I doubt I'm the only one. 
I eat healthy, but I've been sneaking a few sweets in lately. Time to quit that and eat healthier. I'll feel better and look better once I start really watching what I'm eating and slide some exercise into my already super busy schedule. I have been taking the kids on more neighborhood walks to the park and such, but it rained yesterday and it probably will today too.
I'm trying to lose the last few pounds from pregnancy. Nursing sure burns calories, but some of that fat I gained refuses to disappear. Ugh. Go away fat, go away. 

So, I've written and written some more. It has finally made me tired, like I'd hoped. Tomorrow is another day. I have some more reviews coming up and hopefully I can get some more of this regular writing in, like I used to. It's very therapeutic, by the way, even if it doesn't all make sense and flow...
I guess I will finally make my way over to my bed.  My husband sure looks awfully comfy. My bed is calling me...
More writing to come soon. 
Good night to you all and sweet dreams...


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