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Cardboard Nail Files Are A Thing of The Past #craveNaturals

Who remembers those flimsy little cardboard nail files??? They're also known as emery boards. They come in a pack of 6-12 and cost somewhere under a couple of dollars. It's probably because they're not very sturdy, nor do they don't last very long. The one good thing about those, however, is that they're disposable. Good, because if there's any bacteria or germs, etc, from the nails they were used on, well that goes into the trash bin. 
Then there's those metal files and some others made out of I-don't-know-what.

Have you ever tried glass files?
I have a set of 5 from Crave Naturals that I like quite a bit. 
First off, like I said, they're GLASS. They're definitely NOT flimsy. They're not flexible, which is fine for me, but some people like they're files to bend or curve around their nails when filing those babies down. 

I like that these come in 5 pretty colors. There's red, green, purple, orange, and blue. One for every member of the family, right? Well, I guess maybe not if you have more than five in the family. 
I have dedicated to of them to only my nails and one to my daughter's little nails. The other two are just extras for now, in case one of the others breaks. 
I like that they are different colors because I won't mix them up this way. I don't use the same nail files that anyone else does. I mentioned that whole thing about bacteria earlier. 
Some people don't think about that, but one person's nails are completely different from another person's set of nails. Who knows what's harboring underneath. Gross. 
So, yes, I wash my hands very often, but I still make sure to use a separate nail file from my daughter. And then I also wash my hands after filing my nails. I clean my nail file with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol and let it air dry.

Since these nail files are glass, they should last for a very long time, unlike those cardboard or plastic ones. They won't rust either, if they happen to get wet, like some of those metal ones do.

One of the nicest things about these nail files is that they come in a cute white zippered pouch to store them in. It has the company logo on the outside in  a pretty little font. It's small enough to take when traveling or to carry in your purse. 

But have I mentioned how well they work??
They are fantastic! They make my nails smoother than those other nail files. They take less time to get both my hands and my toenails done than those other nail files. 
They are a time saver and I need products like that.

I guess the only problem with glass nail files that I can think of is the possibility of them falling and chipping or cracking. However, I honestly don't foresee that happening to me anytime soon, since my house is carpeted, and I'm usually sitting in one spot when I'm working on my nails. 

This set is available for purchase here on Amazon.

**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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