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HookLineNStinker Cabbage Patch Baby Hat Giveaway! Ends 12/11/2015!

When my daughter was born, she was so small. She didn't weigh much and she barely fit into her preemie clothes. She ended up having to wear a couple of doll outfits because it's all that would fit her for a few weeks. Everything else was so big. I took so many pictures of her and people were constantly talking about how much she resembled a little doll.
Now that she's older, I love to dress her up in pretty dresses and accessories, and I still take a ton of pictures. She still looks like my little dolly. 

Do you remember those Cabbage Patch Dolls that used to be so popular? Well, I came across this cool little shop on Etsy that actually sells hats that look like Cabbage Patch Doll wigs!
I knew I had to get one for my little girl and I'm sure after you see it, you're probably going to want one for your little one too.

The shop is called Hook Line N Stinker (such a cute and clever name, right? ) 

This is what the hat I received looks like:
This is the hat in bright lighting. I wanted to show you the detail of the hat up close. You can see just how much hard work the creator, Jime, put into it. I love it. 

It is basically a crocheted beanie with curls and pigtails. The purple bows at the top are also crocheted. 

It fits so well on my baby's head. There is still a little bit of room in it so that it will fit her for a good while. It is comfortable and doesn't bother her head while she's wearing it. My daughter is the type that will let you know if she is uncomfortable wearing something. She will normally pull hats off of her head if they are uncomfortable. 
I like the illusion of a full head of hair on her since she really hasn't grown much of her own yet.

Doesn't she look super cute?  When we go out and she is wearing the hat, the compliments just keep coming. I even had a few people take a double look. This one guy actually thought I was carrying around a doll. 
People said she looked like Raggedy Ann, Pippi Longstocking, and of course, a Cabbage Patch Doll as well. 

You can specially order one of these hats, pick the colors and styles. She also makes hats for boys, without the pigtails. Not only will the hat look great on your baby, it will also keep your baby's head warm during these upcoming colder months. 
Wouldn't this hat look adorable on your baby too?

Jime has offered to have a giveaway so you know what that means? YOU have the chance to win one of these custom made hats for your little one too!

Giveaway Time!!

Winner must be 18 and up and reside in the US. Winner will be contacted via email. Hook Line N Stinker is responsible for prize fulfillment.
Ends Dec 11, 2015 at 12:00 A.M. CST

Connect with Hook Line N Stinker

Don't forget to visit her Etsy Shop if you want to custom order your hat right away. She will be having some new products coming your way soon!

**Disclaimer: I received a hat in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own**

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