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Local Wedding Trends in Glendale, CA #anoush #sponsoredpost

You might expect that in a place like California weddings would be a bit bolder,
glamorous and dramatic. If this is an expectation that you have of a California wedding,
then you are correct. Weddings are a bit different in California – different in the best

With so many elegant wedding halls and banquet halls in Glendale, CA, you might also
expect nothing less than perfection from a wedding in this area – again, you would be
right. That is, assuming that a renowned wedding catering service, such as Anoush, is
being used. Anoush is up to date with all of the latest California wedding trends and
delivers the most astounding wedding services in the area.

2016 California Wedding Trends

When it comes to 2016 California wedding trends, Anoush has got what it takes to make
your special day shine. Here are some of the top trends of the season that we can
expect to see.

Comfort food – This season you can expect to see brides and grooms leaning
toward comfort food over exotic offerings. Think bite size gourmet grilled cheeses
with a modern take on tomato soup. Even DIY s’mores bars are something that
could gain popularity. Anything familiar really, has potential.
‘Rustic chic’ – Think rustic with a touch of glamour. Chandeliers and natural
wood tables. An outdoorsy type of feel with just the right amount of California
Dramatic beauty – That is, from the bride’s hair and makeup to the banquet hall
chosen. Brides are looking for California drama accompanied by classic beauty.
Romance – Romance in the venue and in the lighting, in particular.
Minimalist décor – This season California couples are looking to let the venue
or wedding hall (be it outdoors or in) speak for itself, as they embrace the
minimalist approach when it comes to décor.

Though there are many more local wedding trends, these are simply the ones that we
are most excited about. We hope that you enjoy them and are able to put them to good

For the best options in catering/banquets and unforgettable service in Glendale, CA visit for more.


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