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Kangaroo Style in My #Wrapy

I just absolutely love switching out my baby carriers regularly. I own quite a few different styles. One of my favorite ways of wearing my baby is in my new Wrapy carrier.
It is a wrap style carrier. It is a very long piece of fabric, with no buckles or straps to adjust. Some people love this style especially because of that. Once you learn how to wrap, it's easy and quick. If you need help, this one does come with an instruction manual, but you could watch a billion tutorials on YouTube as well. 

I own one other wrap carrier that is similar to this one, but the Wrapy fabric is a bit more flexible.  It's somewhat stretchy, which is nice. It's thick, but thin enough to wear any time of the year if I want.
It can be used for a newborn baby to 35 pounds. My baby is nearing 11 months and only weighs a little over 17 pounds. If you have never read my posts before, it's because she was a preemie. She's a tiny, but very healthy little thing.
She has some ways to go before she is too heavy to be worn in this.

I cannot even begin to express just how wonderful I think carrying your baby can be. They love the warmth against your chest, your heartbeat, your scent, the ability to be near you and up closer to your face. They get the see the world a little differently than from a baby who is always down on the floor. They can interact with you differently and it's wonderful for their development. You can soothe them better. You can even nurse them, I do this often with my daughter. It makes nursing in public a breeze. It's also a good way to get my daughter to take a quick nap without a fuss.
I love the bonding.

This carrier only takes a little while to put on. Since it is simply long fabric, it can be adjusted to whatever size and body type you and your baby are. Very neat. 
Simply wrap and tie.
Another great thing?  You can just toss it in the washer and dryer with your clothes. 

It comes with a handy little carrying bag. Just roll it up and stick in the bag. Pull the drawstring and you're done. Stick in your car or diaper bag. 

You can buy your own Wrapy here.  You can also visit their website.


I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own. 

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