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Is Online Tutoring Considered Individual Instruction? #futureschool #sponsoredpost

There are many people who are a bit unsure if online tutoring would qualify as individualized instruction. The quick answer that would apply to most types of online tutor programs, is yes, but that is not always the case. There are some types of Elearning courses that would not fall into this category, so you need to understand its definition before you assume that your particular tutoring options would qualify.

 The Basic Definition of Individualized Instruction

At a very general level, the one thing that distinguishes individualized instruction from other forms of instruction is the ability to take the course and individualize what is being taught toward what each individual needs. For example, if you are taking a course through online education about finance, you need to be able to take that class and break up the lessons to focus more on budgeting for students that need that help, and focus more on credit for the students that need a deeper understanding of that form of finance. If there is no way to individualize that instruction, your course would not fall under individual instruction. 

Tutoring is often able to be individualized, but not always. If you can work with someone that is able to break down the topics to cover only what you need, then yes, it would qualify as individual instruction. However, if the generic tutor you turn to is only able to cover the basics of the course from beginning to end, then no, you would not be getting individualized instruction. 

If you are looking for a way to get individualized instruction from an online tutor program, then you should seek out FutureSchool. You have the option of only working on the topics you are struggling with, bypassing the ones you have a solid understanding of, improving your overall educational experience. 


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