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These Are The Cutest Bandana Bibs from #PashoshiBaby

Oh my, are babies messy! 
My daughter is a tiny little thing who will devour her entire tray of food. The evidence is usually left on her face, chair and clothing. I have a billion bibs, but she knows how to remove most of those too. The velcro on some of them is just so easy for her to pull apart. 

The bibs that I got from Pahoshi Baby are a bit harder to remove and she actually doesn't seem to mind them as much. I think it's because they are a bit more fitted and don't drape down and get in the way of her food like most of her other bibs do. 

The other thing---they are super cute for both boys and girls. 
They have little snaps on the back that you can adjust to size and the bib does resemble more of a bandana than a bib. 
The set that I received came with four bandana bibs with different colors and designs, a pacifier/toy clip, and a bottle/sippy cup arm strap.
I really like the entire set. She can look fashionable with these bibs. They look adorable with virtually any outfit she wears. The designs are all so darling. They also keep her from destroying so many of her outfits with globs of food.  They're also ultra absorbent and will catch most of the food and liquid spilled, without soaking through to the outfit underneath.
Toss in the washer to clean.
I like that I can attach one of her little teethers or toys to her little pacifier clip and attach it to her shirt. Then, I don't have to worry about it falling down to the floor. 
The cup holder is a very nice addition and I would have never considered buying one, had I never seen one before. It is a good idea because my silly little girl loves to knock her cups off of her table. I am a germaphobe and hate it when the mouthpiece falls on the filthy floor when we are out somewhere. A quick trip to the bathroom and some soap and water are not always so quick. 

You can find this set on Amazon.


Disclaimer: I received this set in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are my own.

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