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A Raw Foodie Must Have A Good Veggie/Fruit Peeler #MLVOCPeeler

I am currently on the raw food journey, but 
I still have a cooked vegan meal on most days as well. 
I chop and peel and spiralize fruits and veggies every single day, several times during the day.

I have this new #MLVOCpeeler, as shown in the pictures above, that I have been using. 
It's a lovely blue and white, and has multiple blades that you can cycle through. There is a white knob on the top that you can turn, with some effort, and then use it on your food. I do find it a little tough to turn and wish it was a little easier, but once it is turned to the setting that I want, it slices through those carrots, apples, potatoes, etc. with such ease.
It's blades are sharp, it does a great job, it makes me wonder why I never knew about it sooner. You can use it to peel or julienne beautifully.
It fits into my hand just right too.

This is obviously a kitchen gadget must have in my household, so of course I recommend
Get your own here on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. 

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