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9-11 Weeks Pregnant Update #pregnancyjournal

Yes, I am combining the three weeks because there was a lot going on.
I was super bloated, exhausted, moody, and most of all nauseated.
It was hard to get through practically any meal without having to run to the bathroom to vomit. I know, I know--GROSS, but it's what was going on. I felt so out of energy and wanted to sleep all day and night, but of course I couldn't do that.

There was a lot of growth for my baby in my tummy and yes, a ton of stretching going on. I could feel so much going on and believe me, it wasn't all very pleasant. Every cough, sneeze, laugh, wrong move had me in pain.

Here are some progress pics for you all:

10 weeks pregnant

Found out I was a little further along than I though. Ugh, somehow I keep losing track of my days. This was the sonogram from 10 weeks 3 days. Look at the baby! 
He/she was wiggling around so much. I was in awe. Heart beat and size are right on track. 
I can't wait to see the next sonogram. It'll be in a few weeks and I believe it's when I'll be able to finally get to know the gender. So exciting. Everyone keeps saying boy, but we will just have to wait to find out!

11 weeks pregnant (that's not the baby bump--that's all bloat! lol)

Well, I'm looking forward to the upcoming weeks. I'll be entering the second trimester really soon. Yay!

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