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Masterclass Sketchbook #masterclassart

Company's Product Description
  • Hardcover 9x12 inches
  • Metal twin loop spiral bound
  • 100 Sheets of 60 lb sketch paper
  • Acid free, and lightly perforated
  • Ideal for all dry media

I used to draw a lot when I was in college. I took a really fun art class too. It ended up being one of my favorite classes, actually. 
I had a sketchbook and a ton of drawing tools to draw with. I would have really loved to own this Master Class Sketch Book back then. 
The paper is acid free and really great quality. It's thick enough to endure all kinds of drawing tools. I can use pencils, charcoal, markers, pens, graphite pencils, chalk, pastels, and even paints. 
It has a good amount of pages too and they're a good size.
The book is a better quality than the few that I owned back then because the sheets don't rip out as easily. I used to get really annoyed with how easy the sheets of paper seemed to be accidentally ripped out of my sketchbooks. 
This one is a tough one and can take a lot. I like that. 

Here is a picture that I drew in my sketchbook using a variety of pencils of different thicknesses, as well as a little bit of graphite and charcoal. I was able to press as hard as I wanted and didn't have to worry about the pencils ripping through the paper. Very nice. I love the way the picture looks on the page. 
This book is good for all levels of artists.

You can purchase your own Master Class Sketchbook here.

**Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and in no way influenced.**

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