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ThinkFun Houdini Game #thinkfun

This game has gotta be one of the most unique games in my collection. My family and I took turns with this one, each trying to help Houdini escape from his ropes and shackles. Honestly, from challenge number one, I was so lost at how to get the magician loose. After visiting the website and getting a tutorial on how it's done, I was ready for the next challenge. Some were really, really tough, and like all of Think Fun's games, you must have to take a minute to think-you seriously have to use your brain.
This game is exciting. My family and I made it even tougher by setting a time limit for each of us to get Houdini free. If we really couldn't figure out the answer, we'd pass it to someone else and that person would take a turn. Our son actually figured a couple out that neither my husband nor I could.

I like the way the game is designed. I like that it also comes with a bag to carry everything inside of. You can take this game with you on trips or errands and so on, to keep you or your kids busy. It can be played solo or against someone else. If you're like my family, hours might just go by while playing this game. It'll keep you busy for a while.


**Disclaimer: I received Houdini from ThinkFun in exchange for my unbiased review . No other compensation was received.**

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