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BzzAgent Review on UNREAL Candy

 Yes, I'm a BzzAgent :)

What's a Bzz Agent???

A BzzAgent is someone who volunteers to try out products and review them for
There are many WOM (word of mouth) ways of advertising such as simply telling other people you know about the particular product you are trying out, posting info about it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, as well as blogging about it and/or making a video about it and posting it on YouTube.
After you sign up for the program and fill out a profile along with various surveys, the company then matches you with particular products. Then you get sent coupons to get these items for free at the store or they'll actually send you the product themselves. You are also given quite a bit of extra coupons with discounts so that you can share with friends, relatives or whoever you want to share with. Sometimes you'll even get extra products to share with others. Doesn't that sound pretty awesome? Well, it is! I also love that these samples are not tiny "trial-sized" like many other companies send--these are FULL-sized products!
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Okay, well, now on to my very first BzzAgent review below

I am doing a product review on the new line of "healthier" candy known as UNREAL---->> Check out the UNREAL candy line here

Hey, and just because it's junk food, doesn't mean it has to be full of junk right?
This candy line offers a few different kinds of candy with NO corn syrup, NO hydrogenated oils, NO artificial colors and flavors, NO GMOs, and NO preservatives! WOW, right?

I'm not a huge candy fan but I do like to eat chocolate occasionally and since I'm a pretty big health nut, after learning that this candy was made less sugar and a lot less of the bad stuff found in junk food, I was intrigued. I just had to try it!

As soon as my coupons came in, I rushed over to the nearest Walgreens and used my coupon for a free sample. I couldn't really decide on which one I wanted to try, and Walgreens had a 2 for the low price of $1.79 sale, so I got one of each.

 The first one I tried was the Unreal 8 Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar Unjunked. It kind of looked and sounded like a Snickers bar. Did it taste like a Snickers bar? Yes and no. I took a bite of it and the first thing that came to mind was that yes it was slightly similar to a Snickers bar, but less sweet, pretty thick, and a little more dry on the inside like a protein bar. It wasn't great in my opinion, but it also wasn't horrible.

  The second one I tried was the Unreal 41 Candy Coated Chocolates Unjunked. My niece was around when I opened it and said, "That candy has strange colors!" and she was right. The candy looked very similar to M&Ms but in faded colors such as purple, yellow, orange, red, blue, and green. (They don't use artificial coloring, remember?) They tasted similar to M&Ms without the peanuts but with a more intense and rich chocolate aftertaste. I really liked these! My fiance, niece, son, and my sister all tried these and really liked them too.

The third one I tried was the Unreal 77 Peanut Butter Cups Unjunked. Upon opening them, I discovered that they looked like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups but with the wrapper design etched into the bottom of each cup. (They look like alien glyphs! lol) Now these did taste a lot like Reeses but I felt that they had a stronger peanut butter aftertaste. The peanut butter taste overpowered the chocolate. They were a bit much for me- I could only eat half of one without being overwhelmed by the peanut butter taste- but my niece and son loved them.

 The fourth one I tried was the Unreal 54 Candy Coated Chocolates with Peanuts Unjunked. These looked very similar to M&Ms with peanuts but once again were in strange colors. As with the Unreal41 candy, I really enjoyed these! They didn't seem to have the intense chocolate taste like the ones without peanuts but tasted really good.

The last one I tried was the Unreal 5 Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar Unjunked. When I opened it, it was a little smashed, as you can see in the picture but that sort of thing happens every now and then, so it didn't bother me. After breaking it in half, I noticed that it looked a lot like a Milky Way bar. It did taste pretty similar to me as well. I've never been a huge fan of Milky Ways, so I thought it was just okay. Good for people who do like them though.

So, to sum things up, they were all surprisingly a lot better tasting than I originally thought they would be. I thought that they were all going to be extremely bland but it wasn't the case for any of them. My least favorite of the five was the Unreal 8 and my favorite was a tie between the two candy coated chocolates, Unreal 41 and Unreal  54.

This review was a lot fun to do and I can't wait till I can do another one. :)

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