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A Smart Watch To Help Me Keep Up With My Fitness Goals #vitchelo

A new year will begin soon, and I have a few fitness goals that I want to reach. I know, so many of us say it, and then don't do anything to get there. I don't want to be one of those people!
I want to stick with it. 
One way that I am doing this is by wearing my fitness watch. I actually started wearing a few weeks ago to get a head start.
I'm pretty impressed by everything that this little nifty watch can do. 

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Not only does it tell the time and date, but if you sync it to your phone through Bluetooth, it can actually do so much more!

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It can tell you your heart rate, measure your number of daily steps (yes, you can set a goal to reach each day too), calories burned, miles walked, hours slept (both light sleep and deep sleep, as well as how many times you've woken up), GPS tracker, anti-lost function, selfie button control, and also lets you know when you have an incoming text or phone call, (displays name of contact).
Oh my gosh, right?
It keeps a nice little record---daily, weekly, monthly chart--of the fitness stuff! I absolutely love that.
It lets me know when I need to move around a bit more. Oh and there is a stationary alert that you can set to tell you to move around a bit more. 
I also like knowing how little sleep I've gotten so I can try and sleep a bit more the next night. That's important for your health, you know?

The band is adjustable and I believe it's waterproof, although, I wouldn't personally wear mine in the shower or pool. 
It does come with a charger cord that can charge via USB on your computer or with a USB charger block that you might have from another device. It doesn't take too long to charge and will stay charged for about a few days before you have to charge it again. 

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They also sent me a little extra--a sticky phone mount to make gripping your phone easier.

I think that this watch is my new best friend and definitely going to help me stay in check with my fitness goals. 

You can find this product here for purchase.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 


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