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Be Your Own Barista At Home #gourmia

Alright, so back in the day, I used to go to Starbucks pretty often. I just so happened to work nearby two of them and there was also one in the building that my college dorm was in. 
Coffee mania everywhere!

I was spending quite a bit there, to be honest...I wish I had saved up some money and just bought myself a cappuccino machine, but I wasn't really thinking about that, I guess. 

Well, guess what?
Check out my new awesome cappuccino machine from Gourmia!

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It runs on coffee capsules, like the kind that Nespresso makers use. No, not k-cups. Those are too big. 
They do sell refillable capsules that you can find at some grocery stores and Amazon too, of course. Then you can fill them with your favorite kind of coffee or loose leaf tea and pop it in the machine. 

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I love that it has a milk tank on the side. I have been putting soy milk and almond milk in it since I don't do dairy. I LOVE the way it makes the milk all nice and frothy in my drink. If you don't use all of the milk in the tank, you can remove tank and store in fridge until next use!

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Other cool features?
It has one touch button action.
It has programmable espresso settings. 
You can make espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, lungos, macchiatos...
It only takes about a minute to heat up and then beeps so you know it's ready.
There is an adjustable platform for small espresso cups or remove it for bigger mugs. 
The tray pulls out and can hold up to 12 used capsules. Then, just remove and discard them all at once. 
Auto shut off function.
It is not whisper quiet. To me it sounds about as loud as the machines do at a coffee shop, but my blender is way louder and used often. I honestly don't care about the sound. 

I'm happy with this product. No more having to go out and spend a billion dollars when I can whip up my own delicious mug in my own kitchen. 

This product can be found on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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