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Small But Powerful Mini Bluetooth Speaker #ancord

Check out my mini speaker! It's by Ancord and it rocks. 

Let me tell you guys why
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I know what you're probably thinking-that thing is really small. YES, it is pretty small,  but it actually has the most incredible sound quality and can get super loud. The sound is crisp, clear, and the bass is very nice. I love it. I can listen to music, watch movies, listen to audio books, have a hands-free phone conversation, and guess what else? I can use it to take selfies too!

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Pretty crazy right? It only has one button on the bottom, but that's all it needs. That button is a power button and selfie button. 
You connect to your device via bluetooth in a matter of seconds and you're set to go. Then, you can control the volume on your device. 
To use for selfies, you double click the button until you hear the shutter sound, make sure your phone is in selfie mode, and then smile for the camera. Press the button on the speaker and it will take the selfie for you. This is awesome because you won't need to use a selfie stick or a timer. Place your phone, or whatever bluetooth device your using the camera on, wherever you like, and then push the button.
The product comes with a tiny looped cord and a headphone plug to stick into your headphone port. This is neat because then your speaker will be attached to your device. Easier to travel around with this way. 
I'm beyond happy with this product!

This product can be found at this link.

My video review on the product

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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