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FREE Cutie Bees Bodysuit - Adorable Organic Clothing for Babies

Have you heard of Cutie Bees before?? Read on to learn more and:

The Cutie Bees brand of healthy, non-toxic apparel for baby and kids is giving away 50 of their adorable, organic bodysuits for babies and toddlers! From February 1st through February 7th, the first 50 people to sign up will win a *free organic bodysuit - a $20 value! The bodysuit gift will be randomly selected from an assortment of gender-neutral styles. Choose from sizes 0-24 months. *$3.95 shipping charge applies. 

The Cutie Bees promise: 
  •  NO harmful dyes 
  •  NO pesticides 
  •  NO phthalates 
  •  NO formaldehyde 
  •  NO fire-retardants
  •  NO harmful chemicals ever! 

The Cutie Bees bodysuit helps you ditch toxins with every use, so you can dress your baby in style without worrying about harming your baby or the planet! The one-piece suit won’t come untucked so it stays neat on your wiggling cutie. It stretches gently (a must for diapers!) and springs back to shape with each and every wash. In true Cutie Bees style, this super soft bodysuit fits well over diapers, uses non-toxic water based dyes, and is the only bodysuit you’ll want to use over and over again. 

Why Choose Non-Toxic Clothing? 

More than 8,000 chemicals are used in clothing manufacture; it's a sure bet you and your kids are wearing many as you read this. Most of these chemicals contain carcinogenic ingredients, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and allergens that could be downright hazardous to your health. Did you know “organic”, “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” does not mean the clothes do not contain any toxic chemicals as well? 

Why it matters more to YOUR baby: 

When toxins are absorbed through your skin — your largest organ — they bypass your liver, the organ responsible for removing toxins.

 YOUR baby’s skin is more porous than adult skin making it easy for the chemicals present in clothing to enter into their internal organs that are still developing and maturing. There are "critical periods" in early childhood development when exposure to a toxin can permanently alter the way an individual's biological system operates. Not every baby is same, so while these chemicals may appear to develop itching, skin rashes, swelling, dermatitis and eczema in some, they may not appear to bother others. If your baby has mysterious health symptoms that you can't seem to get control over, it's worth checking out whether your baby’s clothes could be the problem. 

Cutie Bees baby clothes are healthy and non-toxic, so you never have to worry about the harmful chemicals hiding in your baby's clothing. These clothes are made from 100% certified organic cotton and are hand finished without any harmful chemicals. Cutie Bees follows strict procedures and inspections throughout the entire process. And, they even test their products to ensure no harmful chemicals were found in Cutie Bees baby clothes before they are sold. 

Claim your free organic bodysuit:

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