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Absolute Sunset by Kata Mlek Book Review

I haven't had the opportunity to really dig into a book these days, that is in the horror genre. When I was given the chance to do so, I quickly obliged. 

Book Title: Absolute Sunset
Author: Kata Mlek
Genre: Horror

Among the crumbling and stained apartments of the Millenium estates, a malevolent force torments a young girl with premonitions of suffering and death, but offers her a choice.
She can sit by and watch as her loved ones are killed in increasingly unlikely and gruesome accidents. Or she can play the raven’s game: solve his riddles, unlock the meaning of her premonitions, and warn people before it’s too late.
Will the raven play by the rules? Or is she just another of his victims, the slowest kill of all?
Readers say:
“Mesmerizing, scary and chilling ... you know people like this exist.”

“A huge piece of the sad, overwhelming reality of Poland a few decades ago.”
“I felt like Absolute Sunset wanted to kill me.”
“Left me thinking long after finishing the book.”

Warning: Absolute Sunset is an intense novel, with serious themes including mental illness and abuse. Not appropriate for young or sensitive readers

My Thoughts 
I love a book that can scare me. A book that is disturbing and has a twisted plot, evil characters, gripping situations, and yet, I can't seem to stop reading. 
This book, as stated in the synopsis above, truly is not appropriate for sensitive or young readers. Some of the images described in the book are graphic and very intense. I even winced quite a few times because of the accidents that occurred. 
A young girl, who lacks affection from one parent and although it is somewhat received from the other, it's not enough. To make matters worse, she is plagued by horrifying dreams of what is yet to come. The visuals of these nightmares are terrifying. I, personally, have suffered from occasional night terrors and really harsh nightmares, and had them very frequently as a child. It's not easy, especially when so young. I almost wanted to comfort her.
And then, her dreams in some way are a glimpse into the future, and in order to understand them, she is basically given riddles to solve. The one seeking answers from her is in the form of a raven. The riddles may seem simple, but are they really?
I felt like I was part of the story at times. The poor girl, not knowing just how to save the people around her who all keep suffering from horrible accidents. When I say horrible, I don't mean it lightly...
These accidents were pretty gory, so I'm just warning you, if you plan on reading. 
I like that sort of thing though, so I read right through to the ending, which, I did like.
It's a satisfying read, in my opinion. 

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Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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