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Playing Dress Up With #Amiclubwear @amiclubwear

Being a stay at home mom of two, I don't always get to dress up as often as I used to. Date night, alone with my husband, has been replaced with family nights.
However, in a few more months an occasional night out might be possible, when I'm not nursing on demand, If not, maybe I can still play dress up and have a romantic dinner at home with my husband,
I came upon this site called, Amiclubwear, and browsed through their massive selection of clothing. They have dresses, shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories, fancy stuff, casual stuff, clearance, doorbusters, costumes, you name it!
I was given the opportunity to review a few things from their collection and so I picked a few dresses as well as a few pairs of shoes, of course. The prices are low and reasonable too, actually WAY lower than what I expected. It made me wonder what the clothing was going to be like when it arrived. I read a ton of the reviews and know a few other bloggers who have worked with them, and have mostly read and heard positive I wanted to find out for myself. 

I ordered the clothes and I was blown away with how quickly they got to my house. It only took a few days.
The first dress that I picked stood out to me because it is the type of little black dress that I've always wanted to wear, but have never gotten the guts to purchase. 
I am now 9 months postpartum, am almost back to where I was pre-pregnancy, so I thought, why not?

Black Sequin Long Sleeve Cocktail Dress
I loved how it looked on the model on the website, but I was a little nervous about how it would look on me. And here goes nothing...

The dress is very fitted, but not tight enough to make me uncomfortable. I like the style of the dress. It's fancy enough for a night out at a nice restaurant, office party, dancing, and so on. 
The material is not thick, but I think the fact that it has sequins all over it, and yes they shine in the light, the dress keeps you a bit warm. You can wear it on a cool evening with a light jacket or wrap.
It has a bit of a plunging V neck, so good if you like cleavage, or wear something under, like I did in the photo. The length is good-not too short, not too long, close to knee and then it's kind of parted and lifted in the middle.
 I was very pleased with how this dress fit me. My husband could not take his eyes off of me. He kept talking about how much he liked the dress. Winning.
Guess I'll have to wear this pretty dress often, do my hair and makeup, wear some nice heels...

Okay, so I wanted the next dress that I picked to be something girly and able to be worn in the spring or summer. Something flirty, and more casual. 

Cute, right?

This dress fit me just right. I love the asymmetrical hem- it's a high low style. .The back is slightly longer than the front. The crochet lace along the chest and bottom make it look even cuter. It has a neat cross strap design on the back. 
It's flowy, it's airy, it's light. 
You can wear it casual, by itself, or dress it up with a bold necklace, bracelet, earrings. You could wear it with or without a small jacket or bolero. Wear sandals or heels. So many different things can be done with this dress. I love it.

The third dress that I picked was something casual as well, that I wanted to try. 

Dark Grey Quarter Sleeves Round Neckline Side Slits Casual Dress
I liked the way it looked on the website and I ordered it in a small, like the other two dresses. Unfortunately, it was too small for me. Maybe it will fit when I've shed a couple more pounds and not nursing my daughter anymore.
I like the style, I love the length. I like the color and even the rounded neckline and side slits. It can be worn with a nice belt or big necklace and pretty bracelets, with a pair of heels or even boots.

Speaking of boots...
I am a shoe fanatic! It took me a really, really long time to make a decision about the shoes that I wanted to try. I wanted so many pairs. Since I couldn't pick thirty, I narrowed it down to two pairs of boots and a pair of heels.

I was going to start with the boots, but I just have to talk about these gorgeous heels that I picked.
Here's the back of one:

Golden spikes! Ahhh.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the style.

And here they are side by side:
Black Red Printed Pump High Heels
Skulls! Roses! Spikes! Can you say Pinup Girl Fashion?
I remember a few years ago I saw a pair of shoes like these online and wanted them so badly, but never had the opportunity to get them. I just couldn't pass these up.

I can't get over how pretty these shoes are. And I have to admit something-I have never been great at walking around in heels. But, practice makes perfect, right?  These babies are 6 inches with a 2 inch platform!
And I am normally only a bit under 5 feet. So, yes, you can say the height difference is going to take some getting used to for me. I love the way these look. You can wear them with a dress, skirt, or some jeggings like I did in the picture. 
Ooooh... these would be so nice with a pinup dress, for a photo shoot...
So many girls I know would die for a pair of heels like these. 
Oh, and by the way, they are faux leather. Yes. Yay.

Ok, back to the boots.
Black Thigh High Flat Boots
I may be short, but I'm obsessed with knee high and thigh high boots, especially ones that look like these. 
I have owned some slightly similar that costs way more than these and were so painful. I crossed my fingers that these would fit. 
They do.  
Out of the three pairs of shoes that I received, these are seriously the most comfortable and very true to size. They look and feel amazing. I have been wearing them with dresses and jeggings and leggings.  I could even wear them with some skinny jeans. 
I love that they have a slouch style, zipper on the side to open, and buckles. They have a ridiculously low price tag on the website. Again, faux leather. Yes.

Last, but not least:
Tan Fringe Tiered Knee High Boots Faux Suede
FRINGE BOOTS! I have been longing to own a pair of fringe boots for years. 
I'm not joking. 
I see them on celebrities and in magazines all the time, and I have dreamed of finding a pair that was affordable and in my size.

They are designed to look very much like real fringe moccasins, but with a hard sole. 
They have a cushioned footbed and zipper on the inner side of them. These run slightly big, only a tiny bit, but can be adjusted a bit by tightening the suede laces in the front. I love the color, I love the height, and especially the look. I have been putting these on with my jeggings and jeans, with a cardigan, but they look ultra cute with a dress too.
These have been getting a billion compliments. 
They are faux suede. :)

So, overall, I really like Amiclubwear. I think that they have a style for practically anyone. Need something for a date or a really classy business party? Reunion, prom, homecoming, costume party? A night out with the girls, need outfits for the bridesmaids, a swim suit, a family dinner? 
They've got it. Oh yeah, and even just for a quiet evening at home with your sweetheart. 
They have so many deals and a very nice selection of accessories, clothing, and more in the clearance section. All sizes and shapes welcome. 
Did I mention the VERY reasonable prices?

What do you think of the things that I picked out? Like any? Hate any? Let me know in the comment section below. 
And don't forget to head on over to their website to see what specials you can find
and guess what?
Free Domestic shipping on orders over $50!

Connect with Amiclubwear

**Disclaimer: Although I was sent the outfits and shoes in exchange for my unbiased review, all of the opinions are 100% my own.**

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