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Shieldhelp Masks and More #coronavirus

Wow, how things have changed over the past few weeks! I'm not just talking about where I'm at, but all over the world. This coronavirus is affecting each and everyone of us in one way or another, whether we have it or not. I think we've all had to make quite a few adjustments and it's been hard.

One thing that I do know is that it has also been a pretty big struggle for many of us to find certain products that we probably never had issues with finding before. 
For a good while there toilet paper and other products seemed to be extremely hard to get our hands on. For some people it is still hard to find!! Luckily, ordering online could be the answer. You can always purchase bulk toilet paper from Shieldhelp.  

(You can purchase this particular product here.)

Their toilet paper is not only soft, it's strong, has 3 layers, is dense, flexible,  dust free, and made from primary wood pulp. Each roll is individually wrapped, and each roll is suitable for standard toilet paper dispensers. You can use these rolls at home, restaurants, offices, etc... They also carry disinfectant wipes for cleaning all over the house, classrooms, car, office, on toys, furniture, and so on. Both of these products are a must, especially at a time like this.

Another great thing to keep handy during this time is a mask. 
Do you have one yet? I've been making sure to wear one every single time that I leave the house. They are going fast, so this is another product that you might want to order online.
Safeshield just so happens to have some available as well! They are available in several different quantities. 
(This particular mask is available here.)

I really like the look of this particular mask above. It's reusable, unisex, durable, good for filtering out dust and other particles. This one has a double valve for easier breathing. It also has a filter that you can replace. There are several other types of masks available, including disposable ones, ones with adjustable ear loops, and you can also buy filter replacements on the site.

If you feel you still need even more  protection, you could always purchase a
face shield mask . You can wear that over your mask of choice.

(You can order this face shield here.)

These are great because they can protect against droplets, oil, dust, mosquitoes, and so on. If anyone were to sneeze or cough near you, your whole face is covered by this mask! You can easily clean it with soap and water, or alcohol. It can also be rolled up for storage and travel purposes. It is made from safe and environmentally friendly materials. It is also completely transparent and should not obstruct your regular view. They have a few other shield masks that you can pick from, besides this one. 

Last, but not least, it is always good to have your own Personal protective equipment. They have a couple options available. 
The one that is most intriguing to me is their mini portable UV sanitizer handheld lamp. 

(This product can be found here.)

It is lightweight, easy to store, powered by two AAA batteries (that are not included), and can be used at home, in your car, at work, on furniture, for mites, germs, and bacteria. You can even use it to disinfect your children's toys, dishes, phone, household items, bed, toilet, and pet areas! I really want one of these, since the UV lamp I own is not portable. 

Shieldhelp also has disposable gloves, infrared thermometers, and goggles available for purchase at fairly reasonable prices. Their products are available to customers worldwide. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

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