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16 Weeks Pregnant #16weekspregnant #pregnancyjournal

I'm doing this week by itself because quite a bit has happened.

This week started off rather badly. One night when I was laying in bed, I got hit with these horrible chills out of nowhere. I mean, really bad. I was FREEZING and my teeth were actually chattering. It was awful. I wrapped myself up in some really warm blankets and even though I was also wearing warm pj's, I couldn't stop shaking. It lasted for over five minutes and then disappeared. 
This happened a few times when I was pregnant with my son, so I figured it might be hormonal.
Either way, it was awful.

I mentioned it to some friends and a few said to call my doctor since it could indicate a possible infection. Oh no.
I called my Dr and he said to go get checked at hospital if it happened again because yes, it could mean I have an infection, even without any other symptoms. This stressed me out soooo bad.
One day passed, and I started having light cramping so my husband and I rushed over to the hospital. 
We were there for guess what-- about 7 hours!!! So bad. Didn't end up getting home till about 4:30 in the morning!
Yeah not going there again.
But the good news is that they tested for everything. Urine, blood samples, baby's heartbeat, super thorough ultrasound, you name it. And I was so relieved when they said everything was perfect. I was just suffering from pregnancy discomfort. I'm small, baby is growing quickly, I'm feeling a lot of stretching and some cramping can be normal.


Tummy actually looks a little flatter there. I have been walking around a lot more since I'm more energetic and still sticking to vegetarian meals. Doing good nutritionally. 
I've been hit a few more times with bad bouts of morning or night sickness but not an everyday occurrence. Getting comfy at night and throughout the day can be tough though because there is SO much pulling and stretching going on inside my stomach. I am extremely achy. Also, more and more flutters. :) 
Oh yeah, and my hair, nails, and skin, are looking pretty good!

What's going on in my tummy? 
My baby is the size of an avocado. 3.5 ounces and 4.5 inches from top to bottom. The baby is actually supposed to be doubling in size over the next few days, which explains all of the aches and pains I'm feeling!

Looking forward to the next sonogram--in about 2 weeks. Finding out the gender next! Yay. Stay tuned

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