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Maybe The Weirdst Looking Garden Hose I've Seen #expandablehose

I've seen a ton of infomercials for an expandable water hose for the yard. Have you? 
Here's one that I received to review

Product Description
  • Starts out at 25 ft, expands to 75 ft when water is flowing through, then reverts back to 25 for easy storage
  • Lightweight, kink free, tangle free
  • Very strong

Yes, it sure does say expands to 75 ft!!! Wow, right?
Perfect so that you can stand in one spot and get every inch of your lawn watered.

Yes, I will admit that it is a bit of an unusual looking water hose and it feels unlike any other hose that I've owned or tried before. Also, it has a scent to it, that I don't really know how to describe. I think it's coming from whatever material that the hose is made out of?
Not that it really matters, since it is a product that I only use outdoors.

This is the plastic connector that connects to the faucet in the yard. I'm used to using metal connectors, so this does make me a little nervous about how long this will last or if it will start to wear away if I remove it to store and then reattach often. So far, so good. 

It works nicely. I like the fact that it expands as much as it does. I love that it doesn't get tangled up as easily as my normal water hose. I also love that it is so much lighter than my other water hose. I hate trying to pull and lug regular water hoses around.

I would love it more if it had metal connector pieces, since I honestly think that might allow it to last a lot longer. I'm afraid of the plastic connectors cracking or breaking completely. 


**Disclaimer: I received an Expandable Hose in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and in no way influenced.**

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