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#Ozeri Brezza Desk Fan that Oscillates

You've heard me mention all of the nice fans that I have in several of the rooms in my house. Yes, I have to have more than one. It's a huge necessity where I live. Of course we have central air conditioning, but one smart tip that I have always followed is to keep a few fans running in the house to circulate the cool air and cut down on electricity costs.  It really works. 
I have big tower fans in most of the rooms, but now I have this smaller fan in my kitchen, on the counter by the stove. Why hadn't I done that before? I cook and bake all the time and sometimes the kitchen would get sweltering hot and make me being in the kitchen almost unbearable for long periods of time. 

This fan is small, but it works just fine. It has three speeds, is not very loud, and it also oscillates like the bigger fans do. I've never had a desk fan that can oscillate.

You can tilt the fan as well.
Also, it comes with mounting screws so that you can attach it to a wall if you choose to.
 I've never had a desk fan that looks as nice as this one does with it's chrome edge on the black. 

The size of this fan makes it even easier to take with you from room to room, place it on a desk/table, use it in an office, or dorm. It doesn't matter if you have a really small room, you can probably fit this fan in a lot easier than most tower fans. And, nope you don't have to worry about it not providing enough wind power--it sure packs some power in those little spinning blades.

The only thing that I miss, when compared to my other Ozeri fans, is having the ability to use a remote with my fan. Honestly, that's more of me being spoiled. I've gotten so used to that luxury with my other fans. This one has a dial right in front of the fan that's easy to use. I really can't complain about anything else.

You can purchase your Brezza fan here.

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Disclaimer: I received this fan from Ozeri in exchange for my unbiased review and all opinions are my own. 

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