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My Baby is 11 Months Old

So my baby girl is getting so big. Well, compared to her tiny, slightly over 4 lb premature body!
She is still a petite baby, but she now weighs almost 18 lbs. It might not sound like much, but she's growing.
She is so active. Not quite walking unassisted yet, but she has trued to take a step here and there. She loses her nerve and goes back to crawling each time. She does cruise along anything and everything though, and she walks very fast with her push toy. Any day now...oh gosh, and then she'll be running! Slow down...too fast.

She is mimicking me so mug these days too. She can hold her phone to her ear, she babbles into mine often when people call, she can put in a hat by herself, she works the remote and looks at the t.v. while doing it, and she knows how to shake her head no. She says mama, dada, gaga, baba. Her brain is amazing. Oh, and she knows how to say "Moo" when asked what the cow says.

I am still signing to her every day and singing and reading to her. She just loves it all.
She's still a great eater and also still nursed several times a day. Her sleep patterns---she still has a night feeding or two or three...don't know when I will start weaning her since her and I both love the bonding. A few people have mentioned that she doesn't need it so often, but I let her decide. No harm  in it. One day she will be older and I will miss these days.

I can't believe she is nearly a year. May will be here in a few weeks. Am I ready?

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