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How to Get Your Dog Ready for Boarding #sponsoredpost

No matter how much you love your dog, you can't always take your little furry friend with you on vacation. Dog boarders offer luxurious accommodations for pets that will make them feel comfortable and completely at home until you get back from your trip. When choosing facility for dog boarding Fenton MI pet owners and dog owners from other states should always take some steps to ensure their pets are ready for boarding. Regardless of how long your trip lasts, you want to make sure that your dog feels safe there and that you meet all the rules of the facility.

Prepare Your Pet's Records

Most dog boarders require that pets brought in have all their vaccinations up to date and that those pets have a clean bill of health from a veterinarian. Contact your vet at least one week before your schedule drop off time to request those records. Though some centers let you turn in those records when you drop your dog off, others request a copy before your dog arrives. This lets you know that all the pets your dog interacts with are healthy too.

Take a Tour

Would you hand your child over to a complete stranger without learning more about that person? That is exactly why you should learn more about the center before you hand over your dog too. Reputable boarding centers will have no problem giving you a tour. You'll see the type of people who work there, discover who will play with and walk your dog and get an idea as to how the center operates. Use the tour to see if the workers have experience with dogs who have an attitude similar to your pet. Take the time to ask a few simple questions too.

Bring Items from Home

Your dog will likely feel a little scared anytime it is away from home, but you can bring a few treasured items from home to make your dog feel more comfortable and relaxed. You might drop off your dog's bed or favorite toy and request that the center put those items inside your dog's kennel. Many boarding facilities will also let you bring food from home, which will make your dog feel more comfortable during your trip. Finding the right boarding facility ensures that your pet has a great time when you take a vacation.

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