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A Jacket to Warm You And Your Baby Up at The Same Time #babywearing #mamaway

I wear my baby most days. She loves it. I love it. Now that the weather is quite a bit colder in the latter part of the day, I want to make sure she is super warm and comfy against my chest. I make sure she is in really warm clothes, but I can't pile on too much if she is in her carrier. She ends up with bunched clothing in the carrier and looks awfully uncomfortable. 

Now, I've seen jackets that can be worn over a carrier and I have wanted to have one more than anything. All of the ones that I've seen have been a few hundred dollars, sold out, or not in my size. 
Sad mama here.
Mamaway was nice enough to allow me the chance to review one of theirs!
I've mentioned their products in previous posts. I have a few carriers from them, actually, that are really nice and used frequently. I also have a really nice postpartum belly band from them that has helped me get back into better shape. 

This jacket, however, has got to be one of my favorite products from them. 
The color of the one I received is a pretty pink/fuschia color with deep red lining. They also have navy blue, white, and yellow available.
It's puffy, and although it looks like it would be really thick, it's actually pretty light. Where I'm from, it gets cold, but doesn't ever snow. This jacket provides just the right coverage and warmth that I need. 

It has an extension piece that zips up in the middle of the jacket so that it fits around both you and the baby in the carrier

This panel can be zipped pretty far up. It would be even cooler if there was a hood for baby too!
However, it is great just the way that it is. This middle part can be zipped with a thinner width on top or flip it over to make the top part of it wider. Whichever way is more comfortable for you and your baby.

Like I said, the middle part is removable, with zippers on either side.

And here is my baby girl in one of her carriers.

The jacket can be worn solo, when I don't have her in the carrier as well.

I am so in love with this jacket. It's a pretty color, it's comfortable, it fits me just right, and I got a small. I was nervous that it might run small, but nope. It fits perfectly.
I like the hood. It fits well. I hate jackets that have hoods that are way too small.

People keep stopping me to ask me about this jacket, especially when I'm wearing my daughter in it as well. 
I know she is happy in it because she knocks out and stays asleep when she's inside of it. She is super warm and cozy when I wear it. That's important. Perhaps she feels like she's back in my womb...

This jacket would have been nice to have when I was pregnant since it has that extra panel. Wear it while pregnant, nursing (YES!!! I can nurse in it just fine. Another GREAT thing!). and wear it postpartum. 
It also comes with a little storage bag to carry the extra panel or whatever else you want to stuff inside. 

You can buy your very own #babywearing jacket here on Amazon.


**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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