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A Rubber Ducky With A Twist #ozeri #duckymeter

I have a baby on the way in a few months so I am gathering as many useful products that I can use after she is born. This Duckymeter looked like a fun and cute little useful tool to have handy. 

Company's Product Description
  • Safe and fun for child and mom, a happy bath for your little one
  • Instantly activates in water, floats naturally and fully submersible
  • Fun and safe bath toy that doubles as a bath thermometer
  • Checks the bath water temperature every second and displays it in Fahrenheit on an easy-to-read LCD
  • Displays the water temperature in 3 digital colors: Blue for Cold, Green for Just Right, and Red for Hot

My Thoughts
First off, yes, it is just like a big, hard rubber ducky with a thermometer inserted into the middle of it. The thermometer part comes out, which is good because you can drain out any extra water collected while in the tub.

It's easy to use, it comes with batteries pre-installed, and the screen is very easy to read.

 It changes from blue (cold), green (normal), to red (hot). It quickly reads the temperatures which is great because I would like to know immediately how cold or hot the water is before putting my baby in.

Issues I have with product:
1. Yes, you can remove the inner thermometer part, but I don't find it easy at all to stick thermometer back in. Even now my thermometer part is still sticking out a bit. 
2. Sometimes water does get trapped in little crevices and it doesn't seem to fully drain. Hopefully the water will never get into the battery compartment. 

Things I love:
1. I could see it holding a baby's attention since it's a cute rubber ducky
2. Readings seem very accurate and are quick to show on screen
3. Not a complicated product to use 
4. Good to have on hand when you have a baby or young children to bathe

All in all, I do like the product. It could use a little bit of improvement, but for the most part it does what it needs to do, and that's what's really important, in my opinion.


**Disclaimer: I was sent a Duckymeter in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated here are solely based off of my own opinion. No other compensation was received. **

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