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I Love My Water Clean and Pure #countertopwaterfilterblupure

We've used a couple of different water filters in our household because we like to drink the cleanest/purest water we can. It can cost quite a bit to keep purchasing a ton of bottles and gallons of water every couple of weeks with the amount of water that we drink.
Especially me.
I'm a water-holic. Always have been and since I've been pregnant I've been drinking even more every single day.
Lately I've been using the Blu Pure Water Filter, which is unlike any kind of water filter I've ever used in the past.

Company's Product Description
  • Filter for chlorine,lead,mercury,fluoride,chloramine,bacteria,sulfide,and radiation
  • Eliminates all odor and taste and makes your water more pleasant to drink
  • Easy to install
  • Has a pre-installed with a filter cartridge, for your convenience
  • The filtration process involves 13 stages to ensure that all those harmful chemicals are removed

I installed mine in our upstairs bathroom actually because I tend to get extremely thirsty at night. I figured it would be very convenient to have it as close to my bedroom as possible.
Did I find it easy to install? Well, for the most part, yes. What was difficult was unscrewing the faucet tip from my sink. Attaching the actual product was simple.

This is the picture of the little metal pin that you pull to turn on the filter once it's attached to your sink. It will return to it's place once you turn your water off. Then you can just pull it again when you want to use the faucet again.
By the way, in order to get the product working as smoothly as have the purest water ever, you should most definitely let the water run for a while the first time you use it.

So this is what the filter looks like when it's connected and there is water flowing through it. No, it is not like your typical water filter, well not any that I've ever tried before. 
It is a separate tank that sits beside your sink rather than on the faucet.
I like it although it is a bit larger than I would like it to be. 
The water does taste clean and crisp. I like how easy it is to use. It's a nice product overall.


**Disclaimer: I received a free Blu Pure Water Filter for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. No other compensation was received**

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  1. · Gravity-Based Water Purifiers: These water purifiers use the simple difference in pressure from the higher chamber to the lower chamber of the filter to kill germs. brian Filter types and combinations differ; however, the end purification targets similar contaminants in all brands.


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