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Elite Chef Black Ceramic Knives #ozeri

Every kitchen needs to have a decent set of knives in it, right?
Of course it does.
These knives are better than decent. They outshine any other set I've had in mind, and guess who they're by?
If you said Ozeri, well you're right, but you probably just got that from the hash tag in my title. 

These knives are gorgeous. I love that they have black blades. I've never seen black knives before. Have you?

The handles are made of the same smooth, soft touch material that many of the other Ozeri products are made of so they match perfectly. They are extremely lightweight compared to my other knife set and these cut a lot better. 

They are sharp and can cut through my fruits and veggies so easily, without me having to use much effort. 
This is a good thing since my carpal tunnel acts up sometimes and it usually makes it hard for me to use things with my hands.
I like that the blades are ceramic and so I doubt they will end up rusting like my old knife set.
I'm loving this set so much.  
 I would love it if the set came with even more knives.
Although, the three that I have are enough to get whatever I need done.

If you own the triple set of Elite Chef black ceramic knives by Ozeri, then this knife stand is a must have. It is made for those particular knives, so they will fit perfectly. 

This stand doesn't take up much room on the counter and can be adjusted into different positions--the knives can be set straight up or fanned out. Either way the knives and stand look very nice in any kitchen. The stand is ultimately sleek, elegant, and modern.
By storing my ceramic knives in it, in sure they'll last a lot longer since they won't be cluttered in a drawer where they might get scratched up by other utensils.
I'm able to put both the knife set, as well as the stand on the top rack of the dishwasher if they become dirty or dusty. This is just another reason why I'm very happy with this product.

Purchase the knives and knife stand.

**Disclaimer: Since I am an avid blogger, ozeri provided me with a set in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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