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Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer #Paryvara

As the temps start to drop, sometimes our kids' temps start to rise. It's never fun seeing our little ones get sick. 
I've used a digital thermometer for most of my son's life and I always have a tough time trying to get him to keep still, long enough to get a thorough temperature reading. It's exhausting. I really have always thought about buying an ear thermometer, but just never have bought one. I finally own one and it is exactly what I have been needing.

The thermometer I'm talking about can be used in two different ways. It can take ear temperatures, as well as forehead temperatures. I think it's really neat that it has two different ways of reading your child's temp, especially for children like mine.

The display is nice-it's large, clear, and very easy to read. It also has a back light. 
It comes with a cradle that it can rest on, and a little pouch that you can carry it in. I'm able to stick it in my bag for when we travel, since it's not too large and also not very heavy.
great product because it really is not always that easy to have your kid hold a thermometer under their tongue, or even hold it there for a certain amount of time, especially not a young child like my son. With this thermometer, I can just scroll it across my son's forehead or hold it in his ear for a little while and that's it. It's extremely convenient and accurate. I will be using it for my daughter as well if she ever has a fever.
This is a necessity if you need a good thermometer to keep around the house.


**Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate since I am an avid blogger, and all opinions expressed here are solely my own. **

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