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It Was The Best of Times #BehindTheBlogger

So here I am again with another #BehindTheBlogger post. I enjoyed writing the first one so much that I wanted to write another. 
Topic of this one?
It was the best of times...

Honestly, I can think of quite a few amazing times that my family and I have had together. We like to go on little vacations from time to time. 
One of our most recent vacations, a couple of years ago, was to Emerald Isle, NC. It is such a pretty island that my aunt and her family live on. My husband, son, and I rented a car and drove from TX to NC. It was a nice and long drive. We love road trips because we get to visit so many different places. 

Although it was spring break, there just so happened to be a severe cold front headed right along our travel path. It was amazing how cold it got from here to there. We left here in shorts only to have to wear heavy jackets and boots on the island. 

Oh my gosh, the whole place was beautiful! You could see the water from my aunt's gorgeous house. This is  a picture of what we would see every day when we drove over the island bridge to get to town.

She took us to a lot of great places- a big aquarium, a really fun bowling/arcade/restaurant, antique shops, and a ton of delicious places to eat. 

We also, of course, spent some time walking along the beach when it finally got a bit warmer. My family had such an amazing time. It was hard to finally leave. It's nice to know that we're welcome to go back and visit again the future, which you better believe we will eventually do!

This was by far one of our most memorable vacations. It truly was the best of times. Honestly, any trip that we go on turns out to be so great because we're experiencing them together as a family. And now that my baby girl has finally arrived and it's been a few months, we plan on taking another trip as a family of four. 
We want to get take at least one road trip before the year is over.
Wonder where we should go next...
Where would you go?

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