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Luxe Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel Review #LuxeBeautyEssentials

I love my hair and although it is not very long, it usually takes quite a while to get completely dry. I have super thick, tight curly hair, and I've got a lot of it, so maybe that's why?? 
Of course this girl right here has been looking for the best way to get her hair dry and quick.
Have you ever tried a Microfiber Hair Towel?

Company's Product Description

  •  19 x 39 inches 
  • Made from double sided brushed terry microfiber 
  • Extremely soft, gentle on hair, and super absorbent
  •   Using this towel also will drastically cut time used on heat drying products such as a hair dryer that can damage hair.

My Thoughts

Finding the perfect towel for my super towel is essential to me. I hate using most towels because the material usually causes my hair to knot up and get extremely frizzy.
Now, this particular towel is microfiber which is different from most regular bathroom towels. Not only does the material feel incredibly soft, but it also way more gentle on my hair.

It is also a great size. I can wrap my hair in it and fold the end underneath it so that it stays on.
I really like that it dries my hair faster than my other regular bathroom towels and it doesn't have the same negative effects that they do. It dries my hair and leaves it mostly frizz free and doesn't tangle it up.
It is easy to keep clean. I simply throw it in the washer with my other towels and that's it.

It's a great towel and I think would make a nice gift for birthdays and Christmas.


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