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#31Weeks Pregnant Hospital Days 6-7 #bedrest

If you were following my pregnancy posts, I deeply apologize for continuing so late.

By the end of the week at the hospital, I was so worn out. I was exhausted from all of the meds and needles. Luckily, it was worth it because my baby girl did stay inside my tummy.
My doctor said her levels were looking better and I could go home, on one condition:
Bed rest until week 36.
I think I cried.
I cried because I was okay and baby was okay, but I also cried because I had about five more weeks of just staying upstairs IN BED.
Sound fun? No. No.No.
But, I would do anything for my baby girl to stay put and grow in there.
I was not allowed to do much else, no cleaning, exercising, cooking, lifting....Just to bathroom, to shower, and back to bed. 
I could do this...
even though my contractions were still happening from time to time.

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