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Q9 Car Charger Bluetooth Headset Review

I don't know about you, but for some reason, and I'm sure I've mentioned it before in other posts, but my cell phone always tends to die at the worst possible time. I try to charge it often, but the battery always seems to be low the second I'm in the car, and on my way somewhere. That is such a pain. Now, I do have a portable charger that I use, but what happens if I forget to charge that as well?

This Car Charger Bluetooth Headset is also a charger and is a really good product to keep in the car.

It's small and it has two charging ports. That's nifty, right? Now, both my husband and I can keep our phones charged. I can also charge my portable power bank with it. I her also used it to charge my son's portable gaming device since it uses the same power cord as my phone.
Also, you know what it can also do? The top part is a magnetic little Bluetooth ear piece! You can pop that off and stick it in your we so the you can he hands-free phone calls on your car. This is great, especially if you have an older car that is not already equipped with Bluetooth in it. 
As for sound quality, it is very good. 

I like how small the ear piece is. It isn't thick or bulky. It is pretty discreet. No one will probably even notice it in your ear. The pack comes with a few different sized pieces so you can fit the right size into your ear.

Are there any cons? Not so much, no. I think it's a wonderful device. I only wish that it came with a separate way to charge the whole thing so that you could use the Bluetooth when you're out of your car too. This way of you start a conversation on the car and need to step out for a minute, you could take it with you. 
Other than that, you can always remain in your car while chatting. It really is a problem solver for people, ever since the laws have changed about talking on the phone on your car. This would indeed prove to be helpful for that.
If you think this is a product that you would like to purchase for yourself, you can find this device here.

Disclaimer: I received this device in exchange for my unbiased review.

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