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A Breathable #Corset Waist Trainer from #Everbellus

I have multiple waist trainers in my closet. The reason for this is that they are not all the same. I have different styles, sizes, and different colors.

My newest one is from Everbellus. 
First off, are you wondering why people wear these things in the first place, or did Kim Kardashian already clue you in with all her waist trainer selfies and advertisements??
By the way, does she even still wear them, or was it just a media play to get her when more unnecessary attention...but I digress.
Many people wear these ever popular corset trainers because we'll, not only do they look hot when you're wearing them to work out in, but they also help make you look more toned, and might help rid you of a bit of water weight around your midsection. 
For some it might help you lose more than a few real inches that last.
For me, I've had both happen.

Let me explain why I have been using this one more often than some of the others.
This particular one is made from a ventilated, stretchy fabric. There are netted holes in it and it feels more like wearing a flexible elastic waist trimmer belt, unlike many super stiff others. That is very nice, in my opinion. There is still boning inside, so yes, it still helps hold that tummy and sides in. The biggest difference is the material because you can actually move around in it and function in it easier. A brand new corset and/or corset trainer typically takes me a few days to fully break it in so that it in be worn comfortably. This one doesn't need all that extra time thanks to its unique material design.

Yes, you can adjust the size. There are three levels of hooks, typical of most corsets, along the front. The more you wear it, the sooner you will be tightening those hooks. I've finally adjusted mine to the tightest after a few weeks. Notice how I said weeks and not days? It is not an overnight magic band. However, in my opinion, it doesn't take too long to see some some of result. I mentioned that it can help remove water weight, which is released when you work out and sweat. This can be seen right away, for some. For more permanent results, you seriously need to stay active...

Anyway, I like this product. It's nice. It can be had washed and dried, ready to wear again the next day. Wear it when you're working out, going for walks, etc. I sometimes wear mine during most of my normal day and I can function just fine, while looked nice and toned underneath my outfits. Another plus!
You can get yours here.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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