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Check Out This Power Sleeve #CaseCrown

After seeing that last post on the Slim Power Wallet from Case Crown, you guys kind of have an idea about the innovative products they make. Well, you saw the wallet, so now check out this matching power sleeve.

This thing is neat. It's perfect if you have an iPad pro, although if you have a slim tablet, it might in there as well.

Now, what are the coolest features that this thing has? Well first off, there is a zippered pocket along the bottom of it. Inside, there is a power cord for your iPad Pro. This means you can charge your device while it is still inside the case. (Sorry, but you can't charge your other brand devices with this, but it's still a good case to store). I think that's nice because you can charge it and then just go. No need to take it out to charge and put it back in. May not sound like a lot, but hey if it saves you a few minutes, why not? Perfect for students, right? Also, your device is protected if it falls while it's charging, and we'll, that's just great for anybody.

There is a spot along the top for a pen or stylus too. That's a nice little extra.
It's an overall neat product to own.
You can find this product here.

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Disclaimer: I received this product as part of the Case Crown Review program, in exchange for my unbiased review.

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