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Ultra Slim Power Wallet from #CaseCrown

I probably sound like a broken record by now, because of a few previous posts, but like I've said, my phone loves to be at it's lowest battery level the second that I leave the house.
Why is that? Hmmm?
Anyhow, I do have a charger that I can use in the car, but I'm not always in the car long enough for my phone to get a good amount of charging done. With this product, I can worry even less because I can keep it in my purse or even in my pocket. Mommy win right there.

This product is called the SlimPower Wallet and it is by CaseCrown.

Let me tell you the pros about this product:

- It's extremely thin. I was surprised at how thin the wallet is and the power bank is even slimmer.
-It's not heavy either.
-You can charge your iPhone or even android phone. It does come with a tiny adapter in case.

-It is really nice that there are little pockets to hold your credit cards, membership cards, or even your license/ID as well.

-There is a strap to hold money bills.
-It has RFID blocking to protect your card.
-It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman--it can work for either gender.
-I like the canvas texture and charcoal gray color that mine came in.

-After you charge it (you can plug it into the provided USB cord and connect to a wall adapter that fits or directly to your computer), you can just stick in your bag and it's ready when you need it to charge your phone.
I like it very much. I think the only minor improvement would be to add in a tiny  zippered pocket for change.

You can find this product here.

Connect with Case Crown

Disclaimer: I received this product as part of the Case Crown Review Program in exchange for my unbiased review.

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