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Add A Bit Of Moisture to Your Skin With This CSCS Vitamin C Serum

I'm literally obsessed with Vitamin C Serum. Seriously. I've been using it for months. A few different brands but with very somewhat similar results. This particular brand comes in a pretty blue glass bottle with dropper top.

Here's what it looks like
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First off, I love the fact that it comes in a glass bottle. I tend to lean more towards products that are in dark glass rather than plastic, preferably because the dark glass helps keep out UV rays and protects the serum inside. The medicine dropper makes it easy to squeeze a few drops (which is truly all you need), and keeps you from dipping your fingers into the container and possibly contaminating the serum. This product is only 1 FL OZ, but since you only need to use a tiny bit, it will last a while.

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The benefits of using this product regularly are:

-It's anti-aging, meaning that it's good for wrinkles, fine lines, splotchy skin, refining pores...
- It's hydrating, and I can tell you that this is true, since it has a bit of hyaluronic acid in it. I have noticed that my skin on my face is way more hydrated than it was before I ever started incorporating this type of serum into my daily routine. Although, I do still use  moisturizer after the serum dries.
-It's filled with plant based ingredients and is cruelty-free. Yay!
-It's paraben free, which of course is great! 
-No fillers, no GMOs, no allergens

I absolutely love this product. It is one thing that I have committed to using every single day because of the massive change in the way that it has transformed my skin, especially since I started using it directly after using a derma roller too. My skin is smoother than it was before, my pores are smaller, and my makeup goes on better. I've noticed less splotchiness and my skin doesn't look as uneven as it did before. 

Also, guys, you don't have to only use it on your face. I've known people who use this on their hands, feet, and other areas.
Highly recommend this product. Oh, and FYI, it costs a fraction of the price of most other brands out there!

You can find this product here.


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