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Pop Chef Product Review

Have you seen the Pop Chef commercials on t.v. yet? They're the ones where someone is making some really neat looking edible bouquets and arrangements. Inside the box there is a 10 piece set of various shaped cutters, an orange tube, and a pack of skewers that can be used on so many different kinds of foods. The 10 piece Pop Chef set is available for $10.99 at retailers everywhere.

Push, Pop, & Eat!

Pop Out Treats In Seconds"

Easy as 1-2-3!

The people of Fuel My Blog and Idea Village sent me a free box to try out and review, so here it is.

When I first saw the commercials,I remember thinking, "Wow, that looks like fun! I'd love to try and make one of those edible bouquets!" I was so excited to receive my box. When I opened the box, I looked at all of the "cookie cutter"-looking shapes- a butterfly, a sun, a circle, a star, a heart, and a flower and imagined all of the different types of creations I could make with fruits, vegetables, desserts, breads, and more.

I hadn't gone to the store in a few days so I decided to just try the cutters on some of the foods my son wanted to eat. He wanted waffles one morning, so I thought I'd try it on that first. My son wanted to use the butterfly cutter.

Probably not the best idea...The waffle got caught inside of the cutter and I had to use the end of a skewer to push it out.

We liked the way the butterflies came out on the bigger part of the waffle though...

Okay, so waffles are not the best idea

Next we tried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

The hearts came out a bit better than the butterflies on the waffles. The bread got slightly stuck a few times, but no biggie...

Today my son wanted to try the Pop Chef on some more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This time he wanted to use the sun shaped cutter.

Doesn't he look like he's enjoying himself? He sure was!

The bread still stuck a little, but we liked the way the sun looked anyway.

Finally I told him that we should try and using some of the cutters on actual fruit and put them on skewers. We happened to have a pear, so we used one.

We sliced up the pear since the instructions say to cut the food into 1 inch thick or thinner.

The cutters actually slid fairly easily into the pieces of pear, which I liked.

We used most of the shapes and I threw some big grapes in to add to the skewers.

Cool, right?

My son and I really enjoyed making these and then eating them!


We really like Pop Chef. I'm glad we finally tried some kind of fruit because if we had only used it on bread, I wouldn't have liked the product as much. I actually would have been very disappointed. With the bread, the pieces didn't just allow me to "Push, pop, and eat"I was only able to "push, pop, and scrape out of the cutter"!

However, with the fruit I sure was able to do as the box stated. The cutters slid smoothly into the fruit and then popped right out quickly. So easy and actually fun to do! All you have to is pick the shape that you want, twist it onto the orange bulb/tube, push into the food, push down on the bulb (while grasping the two handles with your fingers), and the food should POP right out!

I can't wait to try on more fruits. I would love to make an actual bouquet of fruits and veggies for either my family or friends. I think Pop Chef would be perfect for creating unique food creations for baby showers, birthdays, parties, holidays, school events, picnics, gifts, etc. You're literally limited by your imagination. Use them to make cookies, multi shaped sandwiches, on fondant, cheeses, cakes, on some breads, on pastries, veggie trays, fruits, and so on. They are actually a great way to make eating healthy fun for kids. What kid wouldn't want to try new foods that are in fun shapes? And even better they can help you prepare them too! I recommend this to parents, grandparents, food lovers, teachers, chefs, or anyone who would like to have fun with their food. I know quite a few people who would love this as a gift and Christmas is right around the corner.

Any tips or suggestions?

Don't use on mushy foods or really soft breads, they might get caught in the cutters.

If you are planning on using the skewers, make sure your food slices are not too thin because the skewers will end up tearing the pieces in half when you slide them through--this actually happened to me a few times...

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**Disclaimer: I do not work for Pop Chef or Idea Village. I received the product for FREE in exchange for an honest review. All pictures and opinions expressed are solely my own.**Thank you for stopping by!

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