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Behind Closed Eyes: Fish and Babies

Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but over the years, since probably about high school, whenever I've had a dream about fish, it usually means that someone I know is pregnant.
Have you ever known anyone else that has said the same thing?

I've known a few other people who say the same thing has happened to them or someone that they know. 

You see, I'll see someone I know standing in front of a huge aquarium, or in front of a pool of fish. Now, no, when I wake up, I can't always remember who the person is, but then I'll usually find out, in real life, a few days later. When I do remember who the face is, I'm usually dead on. It's such a weird (gift?) to have.

I remember when my sister was pregnant, it was so weird because I dreamt about her in front of an tank that was filled with dolphins. Is that because she's my sister, 
and not just some friend??

If I could make a list of all the people that I've known were pregnant even before they knew themselves!!
I always love when they say something like, "No way, girl. It's not me." And I tell them to wait a few days and retest. Guess what? Those are definitely two pink lines on that test!!

Now, when I was pregnant, I had a dream that my best friend (who had just passed away), and my grandma (who was living at the time), told me to take a test when I woke up. During that time, I also had a few dreams in which I was swimming in the ocean with fish and dolphins...

Have any of you ever had a prophetic dream, of some sort, that came true? Or something that was very similar to what happened in real life?

I've read about people who dreamt that someone had an accident or got a promotion, or even some people that won the lottery in a dream and then it happened in real life. 
I've had the lottery dreams with no real big wins when I'm awake, so I guess this doesn't work with all my dreams. 

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