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Things My Grandma Told Me: They Can't See Me

Oh my gosh, I recently remembered something from my childhood that I haven't thought about in a while. I remember being home with my grandma a few times when these Jehova's Witnesses would come knocking at the door. 
I remember her peeking out of the window, seeing them and then telling me not to open the door. 
She told me to stand still and not move. 
Here's the thing though---we were standing in front of a big bay window, in her living room, with the curtains pulled open wide. Everyone outside could see us.
She stood there, not moving, staring at them. They stood there on the other side of the door, looking toward the window and gesturing for her to open up.
"Shh...They'll go away if we don't move."
"Grandma, they can see us."
"Shh...Don't move."

Well, eventually they gave us strange looks and then walked away.
It was a bit more than embarrassing for me.
I loved my grandma very much, but really?

And yes, this happened more than once.

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