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Some of the Best Matcha That I've Tried #livewellcompass #matcha #detox #matchagreentea

I started drinking matcha a couple of years ago. Have you tried it before?
It's very green. I love green anything. You guys know this :)

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Well, lately I've been having a matcha green tea latte in place of regular tea or coffee in the morning. 
And, oh man, it's so good. I will be finishing this bag, which comes with 15 servings, very soon. 
All you need is a teaspoon and either plant milk or water. I'm vegan, as most of you know, so that is why I mentioned plant milk. I like to mix mine with some cashew/almond milk or vanilla soy milk, a bit of cinnamon, and a little bit of maple syrup or raw cane sugar. Delicious!

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The benefits of Matcha?
-energy without the jitters!
-can be used in baking, lattes, smoothies, ice cream
-boosts your metabolism and helps burn some calories
-might help relieve stress and anxiety

-is organic and sugar free
-15 servings in one bag
-can be drank hot or cold
-no additives or preservatives

I'm in love with my matcha!! 

#livewellcompass #matcha #detox #matchagreentea

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