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Behind Closed Eyes: Sleep Paralysis and Mom

Was having a nightmare where I was fighting and tearing apart giant white wolves to protect my mom and my baby. Then I was back in my dark room, lying in bed. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. I felt someone staring at me so I turned and saw a shadow to the left by the door and it startled me and disappeared. I tried calling out for my mom but my voice wasn't loud enough. I tried louder and nothing. I struggled to move but couldn't move much other than my head to the side, and wiggle my toes a bit. I tried calling out to her louder this time and my voice still faltered. I still couldn't move much and kept trying. I could use my eyes to look around the room but I couldn't get up. I suddenly realized I was having some of the worst sleep paralysis I've experienced in a while. The more I struggled to yell and move, the harder it got. 

It took me every bit of concentration and energy I had to wake myself up. It was scary because when I finally was able to wake myself up, I still had that same unsettling feeling and the room looked exactly the same. I almost tried calling out for my mom again, realizing I live in a house with my husband and kids. My mom lives across town...

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